The Interschools

Wed, 31 Jul 2013 21:28
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Win this and your whole season is a success. Conversely, lose it and your whole season is a flop. Such is the importance of the Paarl Interschools.

Win this and your whole season is a success. Conversely, lose it and your whole season is a flop. Such is the importance of the Interschools - the real Interschools - between Paarl Boys' High and Paarl Gim, Galpil vs Bloedwors, a match which absolutely divides the whole of Paarl and has ripples far and wide. After all Old Boys and parents are spread far and wide, and both schools have a big and similar catchment area.

There are some similarities between the two schools - both in Paarl, both just off the long, long Main Road, both founded in the 19 century - Gim in 1858 and Boishaai in 1868. But there are differences. Boishaai is only boys, Gim is coed; Boishaai is dual medium with a percentage of English-speaking pupils; Gim is essentially an Afrikaans school, having played a big role in the birth of Afrikaans as a language to replace Dutch in South Africa; Boishaai is a bigger school with just under 900 boys; Gim has about 550 boys. Physically close, they are many thousand kilometres apart this week.

There will be all manner of gatherings - honouring the teams, singing songs, welcoming Old Boys and Old Boys having noisy fun. There will be more than just rugby but the climax of that day will be the big, tradition-drenched 1st XV match with a crowd of anything up to 25 000.

On the day itself, at the ground in Faure Street, a neutral venue even if Gimmies are the hosts this year, there will be an absolute divide. Your programmes will be blue for Boishaai or green for Gimmies. The crowd will be divided, the prematch functions separate and the post-match functions will also be separate. There will dressing up and singing, the excitement all the greater for the weeks of anticipation. And nothing will equal the glee of winning and the dejectedness of losing. There is a chasm of a divide.

This year Gim have a special team that mixes power with creative skill. They are ranked No.1 on the FNB Top 20. Boishaai are ranked sixth. Not that that will count when the introductory ceremonies are over and Jonathan Kaplan blows his whistle to start the game. them it's anybody's game and it is not unknown that the underdog have won.

Anybody who bets on the game has a good chance of losing. If either team is overconfident it will certainly lose.

Both teams are blessed with speed amongst the backs and strength up front. The whole Boishaai front row was at Craven Week. Their No.1 hooker Daniel du Toit damaged a leg at Craven Week but strong Ruan Brits was the Western Province No.2 hooker at Craven Week.

The Gimmies' loose forwards may well be their strongest unit. Jacques Vermeulen and Rikus Bothma are both SA Schools players, big, fast and powerful but their tight five are also not softies. Away from the forwards there is speed and clever skill in Grant Hermanus at fullback for Gimmies and Dante van der Merwe and Dewald Naudé of Boishaai.

Season so Far.

Of their 16 matches this season, Boishaai have won 12 - losing to Waterkloof, Outeniqua Glenwood and Grey Bloem. Gimmies have not been beaten but drew, at home, with Oakdale in their 18 matches. Of their 16 matches, Boishaai have played against seven Top 20 schools, Gimmies against nine in their 18 matches.

Results against Common Opponents

Bishops: Boishaai won 22-18, Gimmies 24-3
Boland Landbou: Boishaai won 24-13, Gimmies 49-7
Glenwood: Boishaai lost 17-15; Gimmies won 40-12
Oakdale: Boishaai won 38-10; Gimmies drew 17-17
Outeniqua: Boishaai lost 45-36; Gimmies won 37-25
Paul Roos: Boishaai won 21-20, Gimmies 24-15
Rondebosch: Boishaai won 39-20, Gimmies 35-14
SACS: Boishaai won 29-5, Gimmies 55-3
Waterkloof: Boishaai lost 26-20; Gimmies won 34-6
Wynberg: Boishaai won 55-27, Gimmies 40-3

Oakdale result apart, Gimmies have the better results in the 10 matches above. Not that that will assure victory on the day in Paarl.

On the other hand, after their Glenwood shock, Boishaai made changes and have performed better, just losing to Grey Bloem in Bloemfontein, their only defeat after Glenwood.

Representative Players

Both schools have great rugby players amongst their Old Boys. Paarl Gim have 18 Springboks, including Jean de Villiers, the present captain. Paarl Boys' High have 19 Springboks amongst their Old Boys, the most recent Gurthrö Steenkamp.


SA Schools

Paarl Gim:
Grant Hermanus, Rikus Bothma (captain), Jacques Vermeulen, JD Schickerling who was chosen in 2012 as well.

Paarl Boys' High: Thomas du Toit, Daniel du Plessis

Craven Week:

Paarl Gim:
Grant Hermanus, Ryan Oosthuizen, Rikus Bothma (captain), Jacques Vermeulen, JD Schickerling, Johan Momsen, Gavin van den Berg

Paarl Boys' High: Dewald Naudé, Charlton Jonas, Burger van Niekerk, Francois van der Merwe, Daniel Du Plessis, Thomas du Toit, Ruan Brits, Damien Stevens, Dante van der Merwe

Academy Week

Paarl Gim:
Wayno Visagie, Brendan Nell

Paarl Boys' High: Dante van der Merwe, Dale Daniels, Ferlin Vers, Charl-Francois du Toit, Matthew Le Roux, Derick Marais

NB Lock JD Schickerling and centre Ryan Oosthuizen will not be able to play for Gimmies because of Injury, a broken arm against Rondebosch which kept him out of Craven Week. Daniel du Plessis will not be able to play for Boishaai after breaking his leg in the final match of Craven Week. Burger van Niekerk, who was the Boishaai captain, earlier in the second will play for Boishaai 2nd XV on Saturday.


Paarl Gim:
15 Grant Hermanus, 14 Ruan Stander, 13 JD du Toit, 12 Wayno Visagie, 11 Dylon Fairbridge, 10 Wyatt Murphy, 9 Brendon Nell, 8 Rikus Bothma (captain), 7 Jacques Vermeulen, 6 Gareth Cilliers, 5 Jaco Willemse, 4 Johan Momsen, 3 DJ van Niekerk, 2 Wilner Conradie, 1 Gavin van den Berg

Coaches: Christoff Lötter,  Hendrik Weber

Paarl Boys High: 15 Dante van der Merwe, 14 Dewald Naudé, 13 Curtley Grain, 12 Luan Boshoff, 11 Ferlin Vers, 10 Stephan Gouws, 9 Paul de Wet, 8 Charl-Francois du Toit, 7 Piero Passerini, 6 Charlton Jonas, 5 Hein Kritzinger, 4 Matthew le Roux, 3 Francois van der Merwe, 2 Ruan Brits, 1 Thomas du Toit (captain)
Replacements: 16 Derrick Marais, 17 Wynand Cillie, 18 Burger van Niekerk, 19 JJ van der Spuy, 20 Damian Stevens, 21 Lucian Forbes, 22 Keanan van Wyk, 23 Bulla de Villiers

Coaches: Elmo Wolfaardt,  Richard Visagie,  Gerhard Visser

Date: 3 August 2013
1st XV kick-off: 16.00
Venue: Faure Street Stadium, Paarl
Expected weather conditions: Sunny with a high of 19°C, dropping to 8°C
Referee: Jonathan Kaplan (Western Province Referees' Society)

Interschool Rugby Programme

Friday, 2 August 2013

At Paarl Gim

A Field
14:00: Under-19D
15:15: Under-14A
16:20: Under-19C

B Field
14:00: Under-16B
15:15: Under-19E
16:20: Under-19F

C Field
14:00: Under-15D
15:15: Under-16D
16:20: Under-16C

D Field
14:00: Under-14B
15:15: Under-14C
16:20: Under-15B

E Field
15:15: Under-15C

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Faure Street Stadium

12.05: Under-15A
13.15: Under-16A
14.35: Under-19B
15:45: Ceremony
16.00: Under-19A

1st XV Results Down the Years:

1915: Boys' High won 10-0
1916: Gim won 7-5
1917: Gim won 3-0
1918: Gim won 3-0
1919: Gim won 9-0
1920: Gim won 20-0
1921: Draw 6-6
1922: Draw 3-3
1923: Boys' High won 3-0
1924: Boys' High won 13-5
1925: Boys' High won 7-3
1926: Boys' High won 6-5
1927: Gim won 5-3
1928: No match
1929: Draw 3-3
1930: Boys' High won 5-3
1931: Gim won 6-0
1932: Gim won 7-3
1933: Boys' High won 3-0
1934: Boys' High won 5-4
1935: Draw 0-0
1936: Gim won 11-6
1937: Gim won 5-3
1938: Gim won 5-3
1939: Gim won 9-8
1940: Draw 3-3
1941: Gim won 6-0
1942: Draw 0-0
1943: Gim won 9-6
1944: Boys' High won 6-0
1945: Boys' High won 14-6
1946: Draw 3-3
1947: Boys' High won 8-3
1948: Draw 3-3
1949: Gim won 9-3
1950: Boys' High won 6-3
1951: Boys' High won 6-0
1952: Boys' High won 11-0
1953: Boys' High won 6-5
1956: Gim won 6-3
1957: Gim won 5-3
1958: Gim won 11-0
1959: Boys' High won 11-3
1960: Gim won 9-3
1961: Boys' High won 6-0
1962: Boys' High won 6-0
1963: Boys' High won 8-0
1964: Gim won 9-8
1965: Gim won 11-0
1966: Gim won 8-0
1967: Gim won 8-6
1968: Gim won 3-0
1969: Boys' High won 8-5
1970: Gim won 19-8
1971: Boys' High won 11-6
1972: Boys' High won 6-3
1973: Boys' High won 19-6
1974: Gim won 9-3
1975: Boys' High won 3-0
1976: Gim won 8-6
1977: Boys' High won 15-6
1978: Gim won 13-10
1979: Gim won 12-6
1980: Gim won 9-3
1981: Gim won 12-0
1982: Boys' High won 16-15
1983: Gim won 15-6
1984: Gim won 10-4
1985: Boys' High won 16-6
1986: Draw 0-0
1987: Boys' High won 15-7
1988: Draw 6-6
1989: Gim won 15-4
1990: Boys' High won 10-6
1991: Boys' High won 8-4
1992: Gim won 20-15
1993: Boys' High won 19-17
1994: Boys' High won 11-6
1995: Boys' High won 17-3
1996: Gim won 18-16
1997: Gim won 13-10
1998: Boys' High won 16-5
1999: Gim won 13-6
2000: Boys' High won 15-7
2001: Boys' High won 12-3
2002: Gim won 15-0
2003: Boys' High won 25-6
2004: Gim won 13-3
2005: Gim won 22-10
2006: Gim won 23-17
2007: Gim won 10-0
2008: Gim won 35-8
2009: Boys' High won 24-12
2010: Draw 19-19
2011: Gim won 22-19
2012: Gim won 16-9