Villager Sevens Postponed

Wed, 28 Aug 2013 14:43
The weather will not allow rugby to be played safely or enjoyably

Peter Simmonds of Villagers, the organiser of the Villager Sevens has announced the postponement of the 4th Villager Sevens to Friday, 6 September 2013.

The Western Cape is sopping wet already and the forecast is that worse is yet to come.

Simmonds's statement reads: "Unfortunately once again the weather has decided to plague the Sevens tournament, we feel it would be better to rather postpone the tournament till next week Friday 6 September.

"The Villager fields are already underwater, the forecast shows that the rain will abate tomorrow but be back with a vengeance on Friday which we believe will not allow rugby to be played safely or enjoyably.

We" apologise for the postponement."

Simmonds is already checking on the availability of schools as for some this is exam time.

Photograph: The Villager A Field on Wednesday.