Villager Sevens is on!

Thu, 05 Sep 2013 10:07
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The famous Villager Sevens has recovered from last weekend’s disappointment when the weather forced a postponement and will be happening this Friday, 6 September.

The famous Villager Sevens has recovered from last weekend’s disappointment when the weather forced a postponement and will be happening this Friday, 6 September.

The venue is the Villager Football Club on Lansdowne Road, Claremont. All three fields will be used.

The Sevens starts at 14.00 (two o'clock) and ends with the Final of the Trophy which starts at 20.15.

The weather forecast is excellent - sunny with perhaps a dash of cloud and no chance of rain. The high is set to be 19°C dropping to 13°C.

There will still be 32 teams taking part - the same number as was to have been the case last week but with changes. Bishops have two teams fewer and both Table View teams will not be taking part. But Paul Roos have entered two teams, Trafalgar one and SACS a fourth team.

The teams taking part: American International School of Cape Town, Bergvliet , Bishops, Drakenstein Youth Club, Fish Hoek A, Fish Hoek B, Jag Malibu, Jag Sisizemele, Langa Youth Club, Milnerton, Parklands A, Parklands B, Paul Roos A, Paul Roos B, Plumstead, Rondebosch A, Rondebosch B, SACS A, SACS B, SACS C, SACS D, Trafalgar, Tygerberg HS A, Tygerberg HS B, Tygerberg RFC A, Tygerberg RFC B, Voortrekker High, Westerford, Western Province Sports School, Wynberg A, Wynberg B, Zishukanyo Secondary

The holders of the Villager Sevens Trophy is Hoërskool Tygerberg. Their B team are the holders of the Plate Trophy.

Programme for Round 1


A: Paul Roos B vs Bergvliet A
B:  SACS C  vs Parklands A

A: American School vs Tygerberg A
B: SACS D vs Paul Roos A
C: Westerford vs Rondebosch B

A: Bishops vs Parklands B
B: Drakenstein vs Voortrekker
C: Rondebosch A vs Zishukanyo

A: Fish Hoek A vs Tygerberg RFC B
B: Tygerberg A vs Fish Hoek B
C: Wynberg A vs WP Sports School

A: SACS B vs Milnerton
B: SACS A vs Jag Malibu
C: Wynberg B vs Jag Sisizemele

Round 2 then follows.
The quarterfinals start at 17.40
The Plate semifinals start at 18.20, the Trophy semifinals at 19.00

19.40: Plate Final
20.15: Sevens Final

The prize-giving comes after that.

Previous Winners
Villager Sevens Trophy

1971:  Plumstead
1972:  Rondebosch
1973:  SACS
1974:  Wynberg
1975:  Rondebosch
1976:  Bishops
1977:  Rondebosch
1978:  Bishops
1979:  Bishops
1980:  Plumstead
1981:  Bishops
1982:  Bishops B
1983:  Bishops
1984:  Rondebosch
1985:  Bishops
1986:  Bishops
1987:  Bishops
1988:  Bishops
1989:  Bishops
1990:  Wynberg
1991:  Rondebosch
1992:  Bishops
1993:  Bishops
1994:  Wynberg
1995:  Kings College New Zealand
1996:  Bishops
1997:  Northerns
1998:  SACS
1999:  Bishops
2000:  Rondebosch
2001:  Rondebosch
2002:  Bishops
2003:  Bishops
2004:  Tygerberg RFC
2005:  Bishops
2006:  Bishops
2007:  SACS
2008:  Wynberg
2009:  Bishops A
2010:  Tygerberg Hoërskool
2011:  Wynberg
2012:  Tygerberg Hoërskool
Plate Competition
1975: Westerford A
1976: Lansdowne
1977: Fish Hoek
1978: Pinelands
1979: Westerford A
1980: Bergvliet
1981: Rondebosch B
1982: Camps Bay
1983: Voortrekker
1984: Northerns B
1985: St George’s
1986: Voortrekker
1987: Rondebosch B
1988: Plumstead A
1989: St George’s
1990: SACS B
1991: Lagunya
1992: Windsor
1993: Fish Hoek A
1994: Primrose
1995: Primrose
1996: Lagunya
1997: Bishops B
1998: Voortrekker
1999: Fish Hoek A
2000: Groote Schuur
2001: Lagunya
2002: Jan van Riebeeck
2003: SACS B
2004: Fish Hoek
2005: Reddam
2006: Tygerberg B
2007: No Plate Competition
2008: Zwaanswyk
2009: Excelsior
2010: Temperance
2011: Bishops C
2012: Tygerberg Hoërskool B

Photo_ 2012 winners - Tygerberg.