Ref his own TMO

Sat, 07 Sep 2013 06:59
It will not apply to other matches immediately

In the two Rugby Championship matches on 7 September, there is a modification to the TMO protocol enabling the referee  to make his own decisions from the big screen at the ground.

Up till now he has been allowed to do this only for foul play even though he has been responsible for reacting to all TMO advice. He has been the man with the final say. Now he has a bigger say.

The TMO protocol has been has been slightly changed to enable him to watch the big screen and make decisions on  things like knock-ons, the scoring of tries and offside - law infringements as well as foul play infringements. The referee will still refer to the TMO who will see to the activation of the big screen and will still be ready to advise the referee.

The referee still has the support of the TMO's advice as in the past. In fact the referee may have difficulty in  making a decision from the big screen because of poor quality or wether conditions. Then he will rely solely on the TMO's advice.

This modification has emerged from the IRB's Law Revision Group in Dublin recently.

It will apply to the Tests between New Zealand and Argentina and between Australia and South Africa.

It will not apply to other matches immediately, such as the three Currie Cup matches.