Stamping Kiwi duo banned for a week

Wed, 11 Sep 2013 10:25
Jamie-mackintosh Ben-tameifuna-chiefs-steam Jamiemackintoshno1
Stamping at the low end of offending

Southland prop Jamie Mackintosh and Waikato prop Ben Tameifuna have both been suspended for one week.

This follows judicial hearings into separate incidents during their Week Four NPC match in Invercargill last Friday.

Southland won the match 20-16.

Macintosh was cited for stamping, a breach of law 10.4(b), after vigorous rucking on Waikato reserve back Sam Christie eight minutes from full-time.

Having heard submissions made on Mackintosh's behalf and from the player himself, judicial officer Chris Morris said the stamping was forceful rucking and that the number of times the boot had made contact with the Waikato player had put it into a more serious category.

However, he said the stamping was at the low end of offending and therefore deemed a one-week suspension was appropriate.  

Mackintosh is suspended up to and including Saturday, September 14, meaning he will miss Southland's match against Manawatu in Palmerston North on Friday, September 13.

Meanwhile Tameifuna, who was cited for the same offence, coincidentally on Mackintosh earlier in the game (50th minute), was also suspended for one week - meaning he will miss Waikato's match against Auckland on Saturday.

Chris Morris said Tameifuna's offending was reckless, but not intentional and that more care was needed in future.