Boland a family affair

Fri, 18 Oct 2013 12:19
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Abe Davids is a merit appointment

Abe Davids, brother of Boland Rugby Union President Francois Davids, has been appointed head coach of the senior team.

Boland Rugby, in a statement, confirmed on Friday that Abe Davids will replace Eugene Eloff as the team's mentor - with Eloff having been in charge for the last four years.

The Boland Cavaliers failed to reach the First Division (second tier) play-offs, after they finished in the bottom half of the standings - with six wins from 14 starts.

The appointment of Abe Davids follows a meeting of the Board of Directors earlier this week.

Francois Davids, who is also chairman of the board, stepped down from the decision-making process because of a 'conflict of interest', according to the statement.

South African Under-20 coach Dawie Theron assisted in the assessment of the 17 candidates, who were whittled down to a five-man shortlist, from which Abe Davids was selected.

"The board is of the opinion that Abe Davids is a merit appointment, as he proved himself to be the best candidate during the process," the Boland Rugby statement said.

"He has plenty of experience, qualifications and skills to take the Boland Cavaliers to the next level.

"He has 37 years of coaching experience at various levels of coaching in the Boland and is the only coach in the region with an IRB level three qualification.

"It is out vision that the Boland Cavaliers must qualify to play in the Currie Cup Premier Division.

"The new head coach will have a performance clause with clear goals in his contract."

Late last year the management of the BRU beat of a challenge from the club ranks that accused them of nepotism and racism.

It was reported then already that Abe Davids was earmarked to take over as head coach from Eloff.