Sudden death of schools rugby man

Sun, 20 Oct 2013 19:04

It's popularity and prestige have grown from the seed of Reinhardt's idea and under his management.


Sebastiaan Reinhardt, the principal of Paarl Gim from 1992 to 2008 whose noemnaam was Basjan, died suddenly of a heart attack in the early hours of Saturday morning, 19 October 2013,  in Dwarskersbos on the West Coast where he and his wife were on holiday. He had turned 65 the day before he died.

Reinhardt started his teaching career at Hoërskool Warrenton where he matriculated. He the moved to Hugenote in Wellington and then on to Cradock, after which he came to Paarl Gim. A great rugby enthusiast, who coached the Wellington club when he was at Hugenote,  he did much to continue Gim's remarkable rugby tradition. He was succeeded by James Genis, a provincial wing three-quarter in his playing days. He left fairly suddenly and was succeed in 2013 by Eddie Bateman.

On his retirement Reinhardt returned to the Northern Cape and for three years was attached to Hoërskool Diamantveld as the operations manager. He was then able to start his Super Schools programme with sponsorship from Wildeklawer. It attracted many of the top rugby sides in South African schools. The first Wildeklawer tournament was held at Paarl Gim with 12 of South Africa's top schools present by invitation. The next year it moved to Affies with 16 schools. In 2010, 2011 and 2012 it was held at Diamantveld before moving this year to Maritzburg College as a part of the great school's 150th birthday celebrations. It's popularity and prestige have grown from the seed of Reinhardt's idea and under his management.

He continued to organise the Wildeklawer tournament when he became involved in the body representing school committees. His area of activity was the Southern Cape.

Born on 18 October 1948, Reinhardt is survived by his wife Harriet and their two children Basie and Riëtte and three grandchildren. There is a memorial service at the NG Church Parel Vallei in Paarl at 15.00 on Wednesday.