Wallabies aiming for clean sweep

Sat, 26 Oct 2013 11:13
Five wins would be good. We are confident

Wallabies coach Ewen McKenzie is targeting a clean sweep of five victories on their upcoming European tour.

McKenzie endured a tough start to his tenure, coming through the Rugby Championships with just two victories over the winless Pumas, so he is hoping that an unbeaten run up north will boost his team's morale.

"Five wins would be good. We are confident. We want to just keep expressing ourselves as a team," he said.

The Wallabies boos said that his team has made real progress, despite their recent difficulties.

"We have just got to tidy up bits and pieces, but that is narrowing down. We have got a lot of things we can work on in training, a lot of very specific things that we will work on in training so if we use the tour to target that it will give us a good base for next year.

"In the last couple of weeks it feels as though a real momentum is building - I think the players can feel it - and there are a lot of positive things going on behind the scenes in the group and this tour will be a great opportunity for us to work hard as a group and get some good results," he said.

McKenzie said that his team's improved performance against the Pumas in Argentina was not down to a tactical shift, but better execution of their strategy.

"Fundamentally there is nothing different in our defensive philosophy from last year or any other year. It is all fundamentally the same; what we have got to do is to function better as a group so there is communication that goes on the field.

"We have just got to get into better positions quicker. It is not like they don't know; there is nothing radically different there. It is just a matter of doing it better," he said.