League of denial

Mon, 25 Nov 2013 14:24
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Concussion in contacts sport is becoming an ever-growing concern.

A recent report suggested rugby players with brain damage are regularly being sent back onto the field of play, because the sport's governing bodies are not taking concussion seriously enough.

The long-term risks of this could be higher rates of dementia, major depression and other neurodegenerative conditions later in life, the experts said, with evidence of such problems already being found among American football players who suffer similar rates of knocks to the head.

Recently a book was published, following an explosive investigation into the NFL and their attempts to hide the long-term effects of head injuries on American football players.

Here is a video that does a fantastic job of laying out the evidence and the timeline of events, showing the full extent of the NFL's cover-up.

It is worth nothing the NFL settled a lawsuit before this show broadcast.

Is Rugby Union going down the same track?