Mon, 25 Nov 2013 16:29
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The rugby365 November internationals prediction challenge culminates this weekend.

RagingBull heads into the final round, which consists of just two games, in pole position after consolidating first place in our SuperBru pool at the weekend.

He tops the leaderboard on 40.75 points with Franna staying in second place on 38.33 points and Piet Boer remaining in third place on 37.75 points.

Platanna deserves a special mention after managing to move up 10 places into fourth (37.50), while suparuga won the yellow cap after securing 12.50 fourth-round points.

On the rugby365 side of things, Quintin van Jaarsveld (33 points) improved to 50th place, editor Jan de Koning dropped to 52nd place on 33 points and Michael de Vries (27 points) fell to 110th place.

Remember to join the new rugby365 club. Clubs run pools inside tournaments, and all the performance data from each pool is fed back into the club, producing a permanent record of club members' performances and a medal table to show who has done the best in the club over the years.

Additionally, the club has a life of its own outside of each pool, with banter, newsletters and an entire, permanent section on SuperBru's website to hold all the club features together.

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