Referees for PE Sevens, Day 2

Sat, 07 Dec 2013 23:34

19.30: Match 45: Cup Final: winner 39 vs winner 40


Day 2 at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth is the day of the great divide - the knock-out matches which winners enjoy and losers detest.

Fixtures with Match officials:

Bowl Quarter Finals

11.11: Match 25: Australia vs Zimbabwe
Referee: Ian Tempest
Assistant referees: Ben Crouse, Lusanda Jam
Goal judges: Tahla Ntshakaza, Stefan Breytenbach

11.33: Match 26: Wales vs Canada
Referee: James Matthew
Assistant referees: Stefan Breytenbach, Tahla Ntshakaza
Goal judges: Ben Crouse, Lusanda Jam

11.55: Match 27: England vs Scotland
Referee: Marius van der Westhuizen
Assistant referees: Rodney Bonaparte, Sieg van Staden
Goal judges: Jason Jaftha, Jaco Kotze

12.17: Match 28: Spain vs USA
Referee: Matt O'Brien
Assistant referees: Jason Jaftha, Jaco Kotze
Goal judges: Sieg van Staden, Rodney Bonaparte

Cup Quarter Finals

12.39: Match 29: Fiji vs Samoa
Referee: Rasta Rasivhenge
Assistant referees: Lusanda Jam, Ben Crouse
Goal judges: Stefan Breytenbach, Tahla Ntshakaza

13.01: Match 30: New Zealand vs Kenya
Referee: Federico Anselmi
Assistant referees: Tahla Ntshakaza, Stefan Breytenbach
Goal judges: Lusanda Jam, Ben Crouse

13.23: Match 31: Argentina vs France
Referee: Nick Briant
Assistant referees: Sieg van Staden, Rodney Bonaparte
Goal judges: Jaco Kotze, Jason Jaftha

13.45: Match 32: South Africa vs Portugal
Referee: Rhys Thomas
Assistant referees: Jaco Kotze, Jason Jaftha
Goal judges: Rodney Bonaparte, Sieg van Staden

The match officials for the next round will depend in part on what happens in the quarterfinals above

Shield Semifinals
14.17: Match 33: loser 25 vs loser 26
14.49: Match 34: loser 27 vs loser 28

Bowl Semifinals
15.01: Match 35: winner 25 vs winner 26
15.23: Match 36: winner 27 vs winner 28

Plate Semifinals
16.05: Match 37: loser 29 vs loser 30
16.27: Match 38: loser 31 vs loser 32

Cup Semifinals
16.49: Match 39: winner 29 vs winner 30
17.11: Match 40: winner 31 vs winner 32


17.43: Match 41: Shield Final: winner 33 vs winner 34
18.08: Match 42: Bowl Final: winner 35 vs winner 36
18.33: Match 43: Plate Final: winner 37 vs winner 38
18.58: Match 44: Play off: loser 39 vs loser 40
19.30: Match 45: Cup Final: winner 39 vs winner 40

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