Community Cup ready for the off

Thu, 20 Feb 2014 09:35
play-offs in George over Easter
The Community Cup will begin on 8 March with eight pool matches taking place across the length and breadth of the country.
The fixtures have been confirmed ahead of the start of the tournament, and the opening match will see reigning champions Despatch kicking off the competition with a home match against Spring Rose.
The competition's play-offs will be hosted at Outeniqua Park in George over the Easter weekend from 17-21 April.
"No other tournament that SARU runs covers literally as much ground, or has the opportunity to leave its mark on so many geographically and culturally diverse communities," said SARU CEO Jurie Roux. 
"In the pool stages alone, clubs will be travelling nearly 25,000km, which is an average of over 600km per match. 
"It's a tough tournament but club rugby players have never lacked an appetite for a challenge," Roux added.
The two highest-placed clubs in each of the four Pools will qualify for the Easter Championships play-offs.
The  Community Cup 2014 fixtures:
Pool Stages (all kick-off times 16.00 unless otherwise indicated):
Round 1 - Saturday 8 March:
Match 1 (Pool A) - Despatch vs Spring Rose (WJ de Wet Stadium, Despatch, 14h30)
Match 2 (Pool A) - Mossel Bay Barbarians vs Bridgton (D'Almeida Stadium, Mossel Bay)
Match 3 (Pool B) - Roodepoort vs Bloemfontein Crusaders (Rand Leases Sports Ground, Roodepoort)
Match 4 (Pool B) - College Rovers vs Welkom (KP3, Kings Park, Durban, 13h00)
Match 5 (Pool C) - Noordelikes vs Boksburg (Noordelikes Rugby Club, Polokwane, 16h30)
Match 6 (Pool C) - Roses United vs Brakpan (Pelican Park, Wellington)
Match 7 (Pool D) -  Ferros vs Wesbank (Puma Stadium, Emalahleni/Witbank, 15h30)
Match 8 (Pool D) - Rustenburg Impala vs Sishen (Rustenburg Impala Rugby Club, Rustenburg)
Byes:  Old Selbornians, Rovers, Centurion, Hamiltons.
Round 2 - Saturday 15 March:
Match 9 (Pool A) - Bridgton vs Despatch (Bridgton Sports Grounds, Oudtshoorn)
Match 10 (Pool A) - Spring Rose vs Old Selbornians (New Brighton Oval, Port Elizabeth, 15h30)
Match 11 (Pool B) - Welkom vs Roodepoort (Griffons Rugby Stadium 'B' field, Welkom)
Match 12 (Pool B) - Bloemfontein Crusaders vs  Rovers (Clive Solomon Stadium, Heidedal)
Match 13 (Pool C) - Boksburg vs Roses United (Prince George Park, Boksburg)
Match 14 (Pool C) - Centurion vs  Noordelikes (Centurion Rugby Club, Centurion)
Match 15 (Pool D) - Hamiltons vs Sishen (Stephan Oval, Green Point, Cape Town)
Match 16 (Pool D) -  Ferros vs Rustenburg Impala (Puma Stadium, Emalahleni/Witbank, 15h30)
Byes: Mossel Bay Barbarians, College Rovers, Brakpan, Wesbank.
Round 3 - Thursday 20 March:
Match 22 (Pool C) -  Brakpan vs Boksburg (Bosman Stadium, Brakpan)
Round 3 - Saturday 22 March:
Match 17 (Pool A) -  Old Selbornians vs Bridgton ( Park, East London)
Match 18 (Pool A) - Despatch vs Mossel Bay Barbarians (WJ de Wet Stadium, Despatch)
Match 19 (Pool B) - Bloemfontein Crusaders vs  College Rovers (Clive Solomon Stadium, Heidedal)
Match 20 (Pool B) - Rovers vs Roodepoort (Rovers Rugby Club, Welkom, 16h30)
Match 21 (Pool C) - Roses United vs Centurion (Pelican Park, Wellington)
Match 23 (Pool D) - Sishen vs  Ferros (Sivos Rugby Stadium, Kathu)
Match 24 (Pool D) - Wesbank vs Hamiltons (Wesbank Sports Grounds, Malmesbury)
Byes: Spring Rose,  Welkom, Noordelikes, Rustenburg Impala.
Round 4 - Saturday 29 March:
Match 25 (Pool A) - Mossel Bay Barbarians vs  Old Selbornians (D'Almeida Stadium, Mossel Bay)
Match 26 (Pool A) - Bridgton vs Spring Rose (Bridgton Sports Grounds, Oudtshoorn)
Match 27 (Pool B) - Rovers vs  Welkom (Rovers Rugby Club, Welkom, 17h00)
Match 28 (Pool B) - Roodepoort vs  College Rovers (Rand Leases Sports Ground, Roodepoort)
Match 29 (Pool C) - Brakpan vs  Noordelikes (Bosman Stadium, Brakpan, 18h00)
Match 30 (Pool C) - Boksburg vs Centurion (Prince George Park, Boksburg)
Match 31 (Pool D) - Wesbank vs Rustenburg Impala (Wesbank Sports Grounds, Malmesbury)
Match 32 (Pool D) - Hamiltons vs Ferros (Stephan Oval, Green Point, Cape Town)
Byes: Despatch, Bloemfontein Crusaders, Roses United, Sishen.
Round 5 - Saturday 5 April:
Match 33 (Pool A) - Spring Rose vs Mossel Bay Barbarians (New Brighton Oval, Port Elizabeth, 15h30)
Match 34 (Pool A) - Old Selbornians v Despatch ( Park, East London)
Match 35 (Pool B) - College Rovers vs  Rovers (KP3, Kings Park, Durban, 15h00)
Match 36 (Pool B) - Welkom vs Bloemfontein Crusaders (Griffons Rugby Stadium 'B' field, Welkom)
Match 37 (Pool C) - Centurion vs  Brakpan (Centurion Rugby Club, Centurion)
Match 38 (Pool C) - Noordelikes vs Roses United (Noordelikes Rugby Club, Polokwane, 16h30)
Match 39 (Pool D) - Rustenburg Impala vs Hamiltons (Rustenburg Impala Rugby Club, Rustenburg)
Match 40 (Pool D) - Sishen vs Wesbank (Sivos Rugby Stadium, Kathu)
Byes: Bridgton, Roodepoort, Boksburg,  Ferros.
Easter Championship Play-offs - Outeniqua Park, George:
Thursday 17 April:
Match 41 (Cup QF1) - Winner Pool C vs Runner-up Pool D
Match 42 (Cup QF2) - Winner Pool B vs Runner-up Pool A
Match 43 (Cup QF3) - Winner Pool D vs Runner-up Pool C
Match 44 (Cup QF4) - Winner Pool A vs Runner-up Pool B
Saturday 19 April:
Match 45 (Losers' match 1) - Loser Match 41 (QF1) vs Loser Match 42 (QF2)
Match 46 (Losers' match 2) - Loser Match 43 (QF3) vs Loser Match 44 (QF4)
Match 47 (Cup SF1) - Winner Match 41 (QF1) vs Winner Match 42 (QF2)
Match 48 (Cup SF2) - Winner Match 43 (QF3) vs Winner Match 44 (QF4) 
Monday, 21 April:
Match 49 (7th/8th Place Play-off) - Loser Match 45 vs Loser Match 46
Match 50 (5h/6th Place Play-off) - Winner Match 45 vs Winner Match 46
Match 51 (3rd/4th Place Play-off) - Loser Match 47 (SF1) vs Loser Match 48 (SF2)
Match 52 (Cup Final) - Winner Match 47 (SF1) vs Winner Match 48 (SF2)