Late night Landers upset taxi driver

Thu, 27 Feb 2014 14:23
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They're grown men and they go out and have a few beers

Several Highlanders players are in hot water after late night celebrations resulted in a complaint of abusive behaviour from a Dunedin taxi driver in the early hours of Sunday morning.

At least eight players - none of which have been named as yet - had celebrated the win over the Blues on Saturday well into the following morning when one of the players lashed out at a taxi driver.  

The team’s management confirmed the incident but coach Jamie Joseph said it would not affect selection for Saturday’s match against the defending champion Chiefs.

"I can confirm there were a number of players out on the wee hours of Sunday and one of those guys got into a verbal dispute with the taxi driver," Highlanders general manager Roger Clark told 3 News.

Clark was quick to add: "There were no [formal] complaints laid either by the taxi driver or the company."

Clark added: "Being out at six o'clock in the morning is not an issue - it's what you're doing at six o'clock in the morning that's important."

Joseph remained mum on what punishment, if any, the players would receive.

The coach commented: "It was a physical game and a lot of guys got dinged up and that probably affected it more.

“They're grown men and they go out and have a few beers after a good win and they'll learn their lesson."

According to 3 News, the taxi driver went to Joseph’s home soon after the incident but the former All Black flank wasn’t home.

The taxi driver then phoned Highlanders team manager Graham Purvis to complain. He has since received a call from a player, who apologised for the incident.

Dunedin Taxis has withdrawn the driver's permit in an act the company says has nothing to do with the incident.