Krugersdorp High's Festival - All Results

Tue, 01 Apr 2014 21:17

Krugersdorp High School won six out of six matches.


The three-day Krugersdorp High School's Rugby Festival - 'the Best in the West' - ended on Monday 31 March 2014

A spokesperson for the school said: 'Our festival went off superbly and really enjoyed it. It has grown somewhat and believe that it will continue to do so in 2015.'

1st XVs

Two teams won all three of their matches - Hoërskool Bastion of Roodepoort and Krugersdorp High School.

Results, Day 1

Bastion vs Leeuwenhof Akademie, 35-7
Jeugland vs Standerton, 54-5
Krugersdorp High School vs Jabulani Rugby Club, 24-0
Prince Edward (Zimbabwe) vs Golden Lions Invitational, 25-21
Springs Boys' High vs Roodepoort, 12-11

Results, Day 2

Bastion vs Jabulani Rugby Club, 57-3
Golden Lions Invitational vs Jeugland, 28-13
Krugersdorp High School vs Prince Edward, 19-3
Roodepoort vs Leeuwenhof Akademie, 11-8
Standerton vs Springs Boys' High, 50-0

Results, Day 3

Bastion vs Jeugland, 85-0
Krugersdorp High School vs Springs Boys' High, 12-8
Leeuwenhof vs Jabulani Rugby Club, 54-8
Prince Edward vs Roodepoort, 17-8
Standerton vs Golden Lions Invitational, 22-14


The teams which won all three of their matches were Helpmekaar, Noordheuwel and hosts Krugersdorp High School.

Results, Day 1

Helpmekaar vs Springs Boys' High, 22-14
Krugersdorp High School vs Jabulani Rugby Club 27-22
Monument vs Fourways, 19-10
Noordheuwel vs Leeuwenhof Akademie, 33-14
Northcliff vs Kagiso Rugby Club, 82-0

Results, Day 2

Fourways vs Jabulani Rugby Club, 24-0
Helpmekaar vs Jabulani Rugby Club, 36-0
Helpmekaar vs Kagiso Rugby Club, 24-0
Krugersdorp High School vs Kagiso Rugby Club, 31-0
Krugersdorp High School vs Northcliff, 39-0
Leeuwenhof vs Fourways, 52-0
Leeuwenhof vs Springs Boys' High, 36-5
Monument vs Northcliff, 35-5
Noordheuwel vs Monument, 41-0
Noordheuwel vs Springs Boys' High, 43-5