Argentinean team pinches protein

Mon, 07 Apr 2014 14:27
shoplifted about R30 000 worth
 A visiting Argentinean rugby team has allegedly stolen over R30 000 worth of muscle-building products from a Cape Town store.
The players are alleged to have flooded into the store alerting suspicion, after making away with the products the players were chased down by security reports the Sunday Times.
According to the newspaper, the team, that was part of a club tour playing matches against local teams, appeared to be mostly teenagers.
Shop owner, Peter Joubert, said he suspected something was wrong when groups of rugby players arrived in waves of about 20 at a time. He said they bought about R5 000 worth of supplements and shoplifted about R30 000.
Mall security recovered most of the stolen property after giving chase. The players had run to their two buses and then threw the stolen goods out of the windows into bushes. 
The team’s coach paid in dollars for the stolen items that had not been recovered.
No charges were brought against the rugby players.