Hoogenhout captain - Carel Wessels

Wed, 14 May 2014 13:11
In a FNB Classic Clash dating back to 1918 Carel Wessels is hoping a win over rivals Ermelo can kickstart his teams season.
Hoogenhout have has a tough start to the season but things are clearly on the up for the Mpumalanga school with a few good victories behind their name.
Wessels is hoping that his team can rewrite recent hitory a claim a long over due win against their rivals as they start to pick up some momentum.
Wessels is a proud captain and is joying this marquee moment in his last year of school.
The captain is one who proudly leads from the from and by example trying to enstill in his players a sense of hounour and pride for the school 
"The boys need to stay focused, feel honoured, and remember who they're playing for - Hoogenhout all the way!," he said
"We need to go out there and enjoy the gam, we especially need to make sure that we are playing for each other."
Wessels highlight of his rugby career so far has been the euphoria felt when running out onto his home field with the whole school as well as the community cheering for the team.
The big No.4 lock is clearly up for the fight but has much respect for his rivals who he knows will bring a tough game but also great sportsmanship.