Perret to ref Final

Fri, 15 Aug 2014 13:00
Good news for Marlize Jordaan

Amy Perrett of Australia has been appointed to referee the Final of the Women's Rugby World Cup in Paris on Saturday.

There has been good news for Marlize Jordaan as well. She damaged her ankle and this will be her first chance to referee at the Women's World Cup.

The first three matches are at Marcoussis, the last three at Stade Jean Bouin, the home ground of Stade Français. The last two matches will each have a TMO.

Final Day Appointments

12:00 Samoa vs Kazakhstan
Referee: Marlize Jordaan (South Africa)
Assistant referees: Leah Berard (USA), Marie Lematte (France)

14:00 South Africa vs Spain
Referee: Jess Beard (New Zealand)
Assistant referees: Leah Berard (USA), Sophie Andreu (France)

16:00 Australia vs Wales
Referee: Claire Hodnett (England)
Assistant referees: Marie Lematte (France), Marianne Gruel (France)

14:15 New Zealand vs USA
Referee: Helen O'Reilly (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Sara Cox (England), Clare Daniels (England)

16:30 France vs Ireland
Referee: Sherry Trumbull (Canada)
Assistant referees: Sara Cox (England), Clare Daniels (England)

18:45 Canada vs England
Referee: Amy Perrett (Australia)
Assistant referees: Nicky Inwood (New Zealand), Alexandra Pratt (Scotland)