Glenwood Rule in Vryheid

Mon, 28 Aug 2017 13:16
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Glenwood went up to Vryheid and won the Pionier Sevens Tournament there.

That ,means that Glenwood have qualified for the Champions of Champions Tournament to be held on the weekend of 20 and 21 October at Camp Discovery.  Camp Discovery is situation just outside Pretoria.  There will also be an Under-13 & Under-15 tournament along with the Under-18 tournament.

The series moves on to Hoërskool Noordheuwel in Krugersdorp next weekend.




Bowl Final
Westville 2nd vs Vryheid 2nd, 22-17

Plate Final
Pionier vs Vryheid, 22-7 

Cup Final
Hoërskool Middelburg vs Die Anker, 28-7



Shield Final
Newcastle vs Vryheid Landbou, 19-0

Bowl Final
DHS vs Vryheid, 31-19

Plate Final
Wilgerivier vs Sarel Cilliers, 14-7

Cup Final
Glenwood vs Die Anker, 43-0

Earlier Results


Westville vs Vryheid, 35-12
Pionier vs Ladysmith, 19-5
Bergvlam vs Vryheid, 39-0
Hoërskool Middelburg vs Westville 2nd, 28-0
Die Anker vs Westville, 26-17
DHS vs Pionier, 31-5 

Bergvlam vs Vryheid Landbou, 17-5   
DHS vs Wilgerivier, 31-5   
Die Anker vs Ladysmith, 29-7   
Die Anker vs Newcastle, 40-5   
Glenwood vs Pionier 2nd, 59-0   
Glenwood vs Vryheid, 45-0  
Noordheuwel vs DHS, 33-12
Noordheuwel vs Hoërskool Middelburg, 21-17
Pionier vs Ladysmith, 51-0   
Pionier vs Newcastle, 31-12   
Rustenburg vs Pionier 2nd, 36-0
Rustenburg vs Vryheid, 24-0   
Sarel Cilliers vs Bergvlam, 36-7
Westville vs Sarel Cilliers, 26-12   
Westville vs Vryheid Landbou, 26-0  
Wilgerivier vs Hoërskool Middelburg, 21-5

From Darryl Weir