'Other' Results - 26 August 2017

Wed, 30 Aug 2017 20:55
Large bishops run 800

The curtains comes down with a bang for some schools, for the last weekend of the season is often reserved for matches which count most.

Those matches are always more intense - for all the teams involved, and we give the results of more than just the 1st XV matches.
This is the order in which we received the results.
'Other' Results, 26 August 2017
Rondebosch vs Bishops
1st XV: Rondebosch won 64-7
2nd XV: Bishops won 36-31
3rd XV: Bishops won 19-15
4th XV: Bishops won 32-5
5th XV: Bishops won 21-0
6th XV: Rondebosch won 17-12
7th XV: Bishops won 31-10
Under-16A: Rondebosch won 56-19
Under-16B: Draw 15-15
Under-16C: Rondebosch won 26-5
Under-16D: Rondebosch won 26-0
Under-15A: Bishops won 48-10
Under-15B: Bishops won 39-0
Under-15C: Rondebosch won 20-5
Under-14A: Rondebosch won 8-7
Under-14B: Bishops won 21-19
Under-14C: Rondebosch won 14-5
Under-14D: Bishops won 12-0
Oakdale vs Boland Landbou
1st XV: Oakdale won 14-12
2nd XV: Boland Landbou won 30-17
3rd XV: Oakdale won 19-13
4th XV: Boland Landbou won 15-0
5th XV: Boland Landbou won 36-5
6th XV: Boland Landbou won 41-10
Under-16A: Boland Landbou won 27-12
Under-16B: Oakdale won 19-3
Under-16C: Oakdale won 29-14
Under-15A: Oakdale won 13-10
Under-15B: Boland Landbou won 8-3
Under-15C: Oakdale won 35-7
Under-15D: Oakdale won 26-0
Under-14A: Oakdale won 31-0
Under-14B: Oakdale won 12-0
Under-14C: Oakdale won 63-3
Under-14D: Oakdale won 43-0
Hudson Park vs Cambridge
1st XV: Hudson Park won 68-5
Under-16A: Hudson Park won 32-17
Under-15A: Hudson Park won 56-30
Under-14A: Hudson Park won 36-18
Durbanville vs Stellenberg
1st XV: Stellenberg won 47-6
2nd XV: Stellenberg won 57-8
Under-16A: Stellenberg won 16-10
Under-15A: Durbanville won 60-5
Under-14A: Durbanville won 15-11
Wynberg vs SACS
1st XV: SACS won 24-20
2nd XV: SACS won 22-14
3rd XV: SACS won 17-3
4th XV: SACS won 19-5
5th XV: SACS won 30-21
Under-16A: Wynberg won 19-23
Under-16B: SACS won 62-14
Under-16C: SACS won 17-12
Under-16D: SACS won 29-0
Under-15A: SACS won 7-0
Under-15B: Drew 5-5
Under-15C: SACS won 11-10
Under-15D: Wynberg won 5-27
Under-15E: SACS won 67-0
Under-14A: Wynberg won 8-14
Under-14B: SACS won 19-17
Under-14C: Wynberg won 14-43
Under-14D: SACS won 26-7
Tygerberg vs Brackenfell
1st XV: Brackenfell won 58-0
2nd XV: Brackenfell won 26-12
Under-16A: Draw 17-17 
Under-15A: Brackenfell won 28-7
Under-14A: Tygerberg won 10-5
Bosmansdam vs Labori
1st XV: Labori won 35-3
2nd XV: Labori won 27-12
3rd XV: Labori won 44-0
Under-16A: Labori won 61-0
Under-15A: Labori won 25-7
Under-14A: Labori won 34-14