World Rugby Trophy's pool matches to end

Sun, 03 Sep 2017 19:58
Large uruguay flag

The World Rugby Under-12 Trophy tournament is being played in Uruguay at the present, the first two rounds in Montevideo.

The eight teams taking part are divided into two pools:

Pool A: Canada, Chile, Japan, Namibia
Pool B: Fiji, Hong Kong, Portugal, Uruguay

After two rounds, Japan, Namibia and Portugal are unbeaten.

The surprise result in early rounds was Portugal's defeat of hosts Uruguay.

Winning the trophy is pleasing in itself but it also means promotion to the Championship next year.

After the third round, the standings in each pool will be known and they will match it other by position in the last round on Sunday, 10 September 2017. The final will be between the winner of Pool A and the winner of Pool B,


Round 1
Japan vs Canada 50-12
Namibia vs Chile, 33-19
Portugal vs Hong Kong, 31-24
Uruguay vs Fiji, 34-3

Round 2
Japan vs Chile, 28-22
Namibia vs Canada, 31-16
Portugal vs Uruguay, 20-18
Fiji vs Hong Kong, 26-7

Fixtures, Round 3

This round will be played down at Punte del Este where the River Plate ends and the Atlantic starts, a small but popular city.

Canada vs Chile at Estadio Domingo Burgueño Miguel, Punta del Este
Uruguay vs Hong Kong at Estadio Domingo Burgueño Miguel, Punta del Este
Fiji vs Portugal at Estadio Domingo Burgueño Miguel, Punta del Este
Japan vs Namibia at Estadio Domingo Burgueño Miguel, Punta del Este

The big mat chg is clearly that between Japan and Namibia. The results of each of their previous matches would probably make Japan, who were relegated from the Championship last year, the favourites but the Namibians will not cave in easily.

The winner of Pool A is likely to meet Portugal.