Eddie's abusers learn their fate

Wed, 16 May 2018 18:28
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UPDATE: The three men who verbally abused Eddie Jones outside a railway station in Manchester following England’s loss to Scotland in the Six Nations have appeared in court.

According to media reports, Richie Cleeton (22), Connor Inglis (25), and Brett Grant (23), all pleaded guilty to using threatening abusive words and behaviour, or disorderly behaviour, likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress at Manchester Magistrates’ Court.

The three men – from Edinburgh – were fined for their behaviour on the 25th of February, which was described in court as "vile"

Fines ranged from £105 ($142) to £140 and all three were ordered to pay court costs of £115 each.

Sentencing the trio at Manchester magistrates' court, chairman of the bench Joe Bangudu said: "This was a short-lived but disgraceful incident. Your language, although described by your defence as industrial, we think was vile and therefore unacceptable directed to anybody."

Video footage of the men abusing England coach Jones went viral on the internet the day after Scotland beat England 25-13 in the Six Nations.

A fourth defendant pleaded not guilty to the same offence and will go on trial on August 10.

Reacting at the time, Jones said: "I try and do the right thing by the fans but if that happens then you’ve got to have a look at your own safety," said Jones. "I never knock back a request for a selfie unless I’m racing to somewhere. I did a lot.

"For me to travel on public transport, I thought was OK. I’m a human being. I don’t consider myself any different from anyone else. But I’ll make sure I won’t in future. It’s as simple as that. I can’t because it was shown on Sunday what happens when I do.

"That’s the world we live in. It wasn’t comfortable. It was a bit of both [physical and verbal]. After a loss, no I wouldn’t [catch a train again]. It’s part of the challenge.

"When I came to England, I knew there were going to be challenges. As an Australian coaching England, there were always going to be challenges and that’s just one of them,"

Asked whether he was surprised by the incident, Jones added: "Massively, but that’s the world we live in.

"I don’t want to get into it, guys. I don’t want to make a big deal about it. It’s over and done with. We march on – we’ve got a game against France,"