ARU to review Strategic Plan

Tue, 08 Nov 2016 10:28
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NEWS: The Australian Rugby Union (ARU) will review the 2016-2020 Australian Rugby Strategic Plan following a meeting of key rugby constituents in Sydney.

The meeting, co-chaired by ARU Chairman Cameron Clyne and Wallaby Simon Poidevin brought together representatives across all facets of the game including community rugby, schools rugby, senior club rugby, and the professional game including administrators, players, coaches and volunteers.

A range of topics in the game were discussed with an emphasis on the strategic direction of Australian Rugby at the grassroots and community level.

"Today's [Tuesday] meeting was very constructive and the ARU has made a commitment to review its current strategic plan in light of the discussions at the meeting.

"We had a strong representation of stakeholders from across all levels of the game and some good progress was made in terms of sharing knowledge and ideas for how to best move the game forward.

"Obviously a major part of the discussion was around the game at the community level and that's where a lot of the emphasis will be placed in the review of the current strategic plan. 

"Our plan is to commence this review early in the New Year and we will continue to work with our stakeholders to get the right outcome for the game. Everyone in the meeting had only one concern, and that was, what is in the best interests of the game of rugby.

"It is important to note that there were many months of consultation committed to forming the initial strategic plan and every level of the game was engaged in the process, including fans.

"Clearly there are issues that come along in every organisation and in any strategic planning process there should always be opportunity for review."

Poidevin added: "All of the people present in the meeting are working toward the same end – growing participation and our great game.

"They came to meet the ARU personally because they are passionate about the game and want more Australians to have the opportunity to know and love the game as they do. A goal the ARU shares.

"A great deal of expertise was offered to the ARU and it is thankful for it. Everyone agreed for the conversation to continue"

No further comment will be made regarding the meeting.