Results not everything for 'improving' Aussies

Tue, 15 Nov 2016 13:00
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INTERVIEW: Australian coach Michael Cheika says his young Wallaby side are improving ahead of Saturday's Test against France and insists results are not the main objective of the tour.

With victories against Wales and Scotland already under their belt, Australia's new-look side are halfway along the road to their first tour Grand Slam since 1984 with games to come against Ireland and England.

But Cheika said the main objective of the tour is accumulating experience.

"I am hoping that over the last three weeks of the tour they continue to learn and to grow as players and as individuals," he told AFP.

"We know that we are being judged on the results but that is short term. You also have to take the longer view."

He said playing a succession of matches against the best teams in Europe was a tall order for a Wallaby side in the middle of restructuring. 

"That makes it 15 Tests for the year against the top-eight teams. And yes, for this new team, in the middle of their apprenticeship, it has been tough with a lot of pain and defeats.

"But the key thing is we have been improving. You learn something from each game but then you start from zero again every week.

"A lot of the players have never played in Europe and it is a great experience for the future."

Agence France-Presse