WATCH: Are Kiwis guilty of Haka crimes?

Tue, 26 Sep 2017 11:29

EVOLUTION OF THE HAKA: It is arguably the most famous war dance and has evolved significantly over the last century. However, are New Zealanders guilty of 'Haka crimes'?

A seemingly innocuous upload to an All Blacks Banter page on Facebook has highlighted just how many Kiwis have been guilty of Haka Crimes over the years.

While it's hardly Gangnam Style (yet), the video of a group of Kiwi mates earning their Lindauer at a friend's wedding has already been watched 20,000 times in one day, with hundreds of friends tagged for their own #HakaCrimes.

Yes, we all know one – that Kiwi mate, excited to be away from home and high on life, who gets the call-up on stage and gives their all for Queen and Country.

Even celebrities aren't immune from #HakaCrimes. Twitter went into overdrive on Sunday when boxer Tyson Furey participated in what many are calling the "worst Haka ever" with WBO Champion, Kiwi Sonny Parker.

Unfortunately, as in the case depicted, most of these impromptu performances result in what can only be described as #HakaCrimes for their bastardisation of that holy pre-match challenge.  In a Facebook post, there appear to be hundreds of guilty parties lurking in the shadows of post-OE normal life (shout out to you, Leon and Campbell):

The phenomenon of #HakaCrimes is most prevalent away from home soil (Shepherd's Bush in London has certainly seen her fair share of action), where whole groups of young Kiwi men have deluded themselves into thinking they could out-Haka the likes of Weepu, Meeuws or Lomu.

Weddings have also been popular occasions for an impromptu amateur war dance, as seen in this actual viral video from 2016.

Source: RugbyPass