Cheeky to fall on his sword?

Mon, 05 Sep 2016 20:14
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NEWS: Amidst new rumours of a cash crunch and avoiding another club revolt, it appears Cheeky Watson is finally ready to step down as President of the Eastern Province Rugby Union.

It was revealed that Watson and his executive survived a vote of no confidence at the weekend.

According to a report in the Port Elizabeth-based Herald newspaper the clubs that wanted Watson kicked out needed 63 votes to reach their two-thirds majority goal, but got only 52. Watson received 40 votes in support of his staying on.

Watson had survived several previous attempts to unseat him, each time 'winning' on a technicality.

However, it seems Watson - who currently has no real power, as the bankrupt EPRU is under the administration of the South African Rugby Union - is ready to finally fall on his sword.

Watson, in an interview with the Herald, said he was ready to step down - without committing to a timeframe for his departure.

"It is a door in my life that needs to close and not to be resurrected again," Watson said.

"I have never been a populist and I have never worried about people's opinions and what they think of me.

"If I tackle a job I tackle it with every fibre of my being and try to be as successful as possible.

"It was gratifying to see the support from clubs, but one needs to look at the bigger picture here and look at rugby as a whole within the province."

Watson admitted that his time as President of the EPRU has left scars in him.

However, he feels SARU and its professional arm, SA Rugby, will salvage the sinking ship.

"With the SA Rugby's involvement they are moving it in the right direction and we have to give them the opportunity to have a free rein in running it."

Source: The Herald