Goosen heads to Gloucester?

Tue, 20 Dec 2016 11:02
Large johan goosen racing 800

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: After Johan Goosen's shock retirement the Springbok is reportedly linked to a move to Gloucester.

The 24-year-old was reported to be taking up a commercial director's job in South Africa, a decision which left French champions Racing fuming.

However, the rumour mill just gained more momentum as the French newspaper Midi Olympique recently reported that Goosen is in discussion with the Montpellier president Mohed Altrad, but not to join Montpellier. To join the club in the Premiership, Gloucester.

Montpellier president Mohed Altrad is trying to buy to 54 percent stake in Gloucester, prompting speculation that Goosen could go there instead, where he would be able to play regularly in his preferred flyhalf position.

In Racing's original statement the club implied there would be legal repercussions for Goosen should it emerge he retired under false pretences in an attempt to move to another club.