Watson finally walks away from Kings

Wed, 01 Mar 2017 07:16
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NEWS: After years of resisting hostile takeovers, Cheeky Watson has finally decided to walk away from the Eastern Province Kings.

Watson's decision to resign as President of the bankrupt Eastern Province Rugby Union came just days after the South African Rugby Union revealed administration of the EPRU is set to be returned to local hands - following a series of ground-breaking decisions at a special general meeting in Port Elizabeth this past weekend.

"I always said that if there was stability with SARU's intervention and with possible funding in the wings, I would immediately resign," Watson told the Port Elizabeth-based Herald newspaper.

"I think that stability is there now and the time has come to hand over the reins to new leadership.

"I would not consider standing again. This is a chapter that has passed and is history.

"The important thing with elections coming up is that there is unity and compromise among candidates.

"It is vitally important that there is unity and the negativity around EP Rugby needs to stop.

"People must be unified behind the new president to ensure that there is top-flight rugby here for years to come.

"Whoever decides to throw their hat into the ring, it is important that they negotiate with each other so they can reach compromises for certain positions so that they can have the backing of the entire province."

Watson said the new President would face extremely tough challenges.

"It will be tough and there are always challenges in this region.

"The main challenge is financial and the second is to be united.

"Everyone must stand behind the new president whoever he is."

Asked if he felt he should have resigned earlier, Watson said: "That debate can be there and maybe I should have resigned earlier, but I had to feel comfortable.

"Maybe it is old school, but I have been brought up believing that a captain does not leave a sinking ship.

"I had to be sure in my mind that things are stable and moving in the right direction. Only then did I feel comfortable to resign."

Source: The Herald