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Super Rugby | Westpac Stadium
07:35 (GMT) | 15-07-2017
  • 80
Full-time! Perenara clears the ball into touch and that-that folks . Hurricanes are victorious . Be sure to join us for the rest of the weekends Super Rugby matches.
  • 79
Crusaders desperately looking for some reward but the Canes defense hold strong as a loose pass is thrown and rolls into touch. Hurricanes lineout on their own 22. O’Reilly finds his jumper and Laumape smashes the ball up midfield.
  • 78
Jordie Barrett's penalty kick is good!
  • 77
Laumape has a run from the scrum , turnover is made by the Crusaders who are forced to run from deep as Dagg looks to spark some magic. Drummond clears the ball but it doesn't go very far as Goosen cleans up the ball easily. Crusaders go straight off their feet at the breakdown resulting in the Hurricanes winning the penalty and giving Jordie Barrett the chance to seal this game for the Canes. He steps up for a long range penalty attempt...
  • 75
Great run made by Gibbins for the Hurricanes as he makes his way up to the Crusaders 22 . There is a couple knock on's from both side but the ref judges that the first knock was from the Crusaders. Scrum to the Hurricanes close to the Crusaders 22.
  • 74
Hurricanes win the penalty , Black kicks for touch. Lineout for the Canes on the halfway line.
  • 73
Crusaders with ball in hand as Jager, Dagg and Makalio all have a go. Into the Hurricanes 22 the visitors go as Todd and Read get stuck in then Bridge makes a half break. Hurricanes hanging on for dear life .
  • 71
Drummond breaks the Hurricanes line, makes a fantastic run , he comes within inches of scoring a try as the referee penalizes the scrumhalf for double movement . Black kicks for touch from the penalty
  • 70
Read makes a super run for the Crusaders before the ball is turned over by the Hurricanes but then put directly into touch from Jordie Barrett. Lineout for the Crusaders on the Hurricanes 22
  • 69
Julian Savea is held up in the tackle forcing the referee to give the Crusaders the scrum put in. Great defense from the visitors
  • 68
Read steals the ball on the Hurricanes throw, a run midfield by Havilii comes to nothing as he knocks the ball forward. Scrum down , Hurricanes put in on the halfway line.
  • 67
Crusaders on the attack before Goodhue gets the ball stripped off him . Milner Skudder puts through a grubber kick which forces Havili to regather the ball and slide into touch. Lineout Hurricanes on the 10 meter line inside Crusaders territory.
  • 65
Jordie Barrett converts the try with a great kick
  • 64
Massive run from Ardie Savea makes his way just 5 meters from the Crusaders try line. The next wave of attack sees Fifita cross the line in the corner. TMO in action. Decision pending.... Its judged that its a TRY!!!!! Canes take the lead
  • 63
Riccitelli finds his jumper then gets the ball back and has a run. Abbott has a go then Chris Eve's . Crusaders counter ruck the Canes off the ball and then Hall's kick is charged down by Jordie Barrett. Dagg has no choice but to clean up the ball and take the ball into touch. Lineout Hurricanes inside the Crusaders 22
  • 62
Jordie Barrett's penalty attempt falls short , Dagg pumps the ball into touch. Lineout to the Hurricanes on the 10 meter line inside the Crusaders half .
  • 61
Crusaders with ball in hand on the halfway line as Mounga has a go , the number 10 gets isolated and is forced to hold onto the ball. Penalty Hurricanes, Jordie Barrett will have a shot at goal from 53 meters out
  • 60
Jordie Barrett converts the try
  • 59
Simply 8-9-14 from the Hurricanes results in Wes Goosen crossing the line in the corner. Canes back in the game!
  • 57
Matt Todd forces to take the ball back and dot the ball down from a lovely kick from Goosen. Five meter scrum to the Hurricanes. Can they hit back after the Dagg try.
  • 55
Mounga converts the try
  • 54
Hall feeds the scrum, Crusaders scrum holds strong , Dagg runs a great line to beat Jordie Barrett , breaks the Hurricanes line and scores a lovely try for the visitors
  • 52
Goodhue, Romano and Taufua all have a bash before the referee blows for a 5 meter scrum to the Crusaders.
  • 51
Canes on the attack through Milner Skudder who gets isolated by Funnell who forces the fullback to hold onto the ball. Mounga kicks for touch to set up a lineout deep inside the Canes half .
  • 50
Crusaders still on the attack . Mounga gets smashed backwards which allows the Hurricanes to counter ruck and force a penalty. Great defense from the home team. Black kicks for touch . Lineout Hurricanes on the 10 meter line inside the Crusaders half
  • 49
Crusaders on the attack through Dagg,Funnell and Taufua. Hurricanes defense holds strong.
  • 48
Black clears the ball into touch . Lineout Crusaders just inside the Canes half.
  • 47
Mounga's penalty is successful. Crusaders back in front
  • 46
Crusaders penalty on the Hurricanes 22 . The option is to have a shot at goal as Mounga steps up .
  • 45
Jordie Barrett converts the try
  • 44
Hurricanes on the attack inside the Crusaders 22. Toomaga-Allen and Riccitelli have a go before a cross kick is made from Black for Julian Savea who plucks the ball in the air regathers and scores a lovely try!
  • 43
Hall makes a sniping run for the Crusaders before he plays the ball on the ground and gets penalized. Penalty Hurricanes. Black kicks for touch once again to set up a lineout inside the Crusaders 22.
  • 42
Penalty awarded to the Hurricanes , Black kicks for touch to set up a lineout on the halfway line. Riccitelli overthrows the ball but Toomaga-Allen does well to clean up the ball for the Canes . Jordie Barrett then coughs up the ball as the Crusaders get the scrum put in near the halfway line.
  • 41
Second half underway as Mounga kicks off

Half Time

  • 40
Half-time! See you all in a bit for the second half.
  • 39
Crusaders lineout inside their own 22. Hurricanes are then pinged for being offside and Mounga kicks for touch. Lineout Crusaders on the halfway line.
  • 38
Silly grubber kick is made by Perenara , easily dotted down by Dagg, not the greatest option 5 meters from the opponents try line. 22 dropout Crusaders.
  • 37
Hurricanes lineout on the 10 meter line inside their own half.Riccitelli finds his jumper in Lousi but the lock is taken out in the air resulting in a Hurricanes penalty. Black kicks for touch, its a super touch finder which goes out 10 meters from the Crusaders try line
  • 35
Scrum resets ...
  • 34
Great play from Mounga as he plucks the ball out the sky and throws a super offload with pressure from Milner Skudder on the number 10. Lousi holds up the Crusaders runner in Taufua and forces the ref to award the Hurricanes the scrum put in.
  • 33
Lousi makes a strong run to back up his first half efforts to get the Canes on the front foot. Funnell is pinged at the breakdown as the Hurricanes win the penalty. Black kicks for touch to set up a lineout on the halfway line.
  • 32
Jordie Barrett converts the try
  • 31
Jordie Barrett slices through the Crusaders defense like a hot knife through butter and scores a lovely try for the home side!
  • 30
Julian Savea , Ardie Savea and Abbott all get involved but the Crusaders defense holds strong once again. Up to the Crusaders 22 the Hurricanes go. Can they get some reward?
  • 29
Canes win the penalty from an infringement from Matt Todd. Black kicks for touch to set up a lineout just inside the Crusaders half.
  • 28
Crusaders are awarded a penalty for Perenara chirping the referee about something. Mounga kicks for touch . Lineout Crusaders on the Hurricanes 22. Funnell finds his man but then Hall throws a forward pass to Goodhue. Scrum down , Canes put in.
  • 26
Crusaders defense is too good as the Canes throw a loose pass which results in a knock on. Scrum to the Crusaders near the halfway line.
  • 24
Romano steals the ball on the Canes throw. Hall plays Mounga who clears the ball into touch just outside the Crusaders 22. Riccitelli finds his man this time in Abbott and then Laumape has a run midfield but is met with solid defense
  • 23
Canes lineout inside the Crusaders 22
  • 22
Big run down the wing from Julian Savea , he makes 30 meters plays Perenara who plays Milner Skudder. Try saving tackle is made by Scott Barrett and Read forces the turnover. Mounga then pumps the ball up field and Goosen decides to run it back at the Crusaders. Game finally starting to open up.
  • 20
Couple kicks back and forth once more between the two side before Funnell puts his head down for the Crusaders.
  • 18
Canes on the attack through Julian Savea , Abbott and Shields but their attack lacks much venom with the new makeshift back-line . Crusaders hold up Ardie Savea and force the turn over in the form of a scrum put in .
  • 17
Canes on the attack before Todd steals the ball for the Crusaders . A game of aerial ping pong takes place between both fullbacks before Dagg puts the ball into touch. Lineout Hurricanes on the halfway line.
  • 16
Lineout for the Hurricanes on the 10 meter line inside their own half , Riccitelli finds his jumper and the Canes attack wide through Milner-Skudder who is shut down quickly. Canes then win the penalty and Black kicks for touch to set up a lineout deep inside the Crusaders half
  • 15
Conversion is missed by Mounga
  • 14
Its just too easy for the Crusaders as Tamanivalu crosses the line in the corner once again! Try-time!
  • 12
Hall feeds the scrum plays Tamanivalu who has a run off his wing. Goodhue , Hall and Taufua all have a go but the visitors are met with solid defense
  • 10
Canes on the attack through Jordie Barrett followed by big Ben May dropping the ball cold. Scrum down Crusaders put in.
  • 8
A second penalty is awarded to the Canes but again the option is to scrum. Perenara feeds but on the third scrum attempt the Crusaders win the penalty on their own try line. Mounga kicks but misses touch.
  • 6
Riccitelli finds his jumper followed by a half break from Perenara , Canes just 5 meters out before they are awarded the penalty. Scrum called from the home side, rejecting the option of taking the three points
  • 5
Canes on the attack through Fifita and Perenara before they win the penalty. Black sets up a lineout on the Crusaders 22.
  • 4
Mounga converts the try with a lovely kick from the corner
  • 3
Crusaders on the Canes 22. A break is made by Taufua who offloads to Mounga who throws the long ball out to Tamanivalu who scores in the corner. Super try
  • 2
Directly from the kick off there's a knock forward from the Hurricanes. Scrum to the Crusaders. Hall feeds the scrum and the Hurricanes are penalized as Toomaga-Allen is pinged. Mounga kicks for touch to set up a lineout on the Hurricanes 22.
  • 1
First half underway as Black kicks off for the Canes
  • -5
Almost time for kick off , this match should be an absolute cracker !
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This will be the first time since 2015 that the Hurricanes have hosted the Crusaders, with the Wellington side winning each of their last three such fixtures. The Crusaders hunt for their 15th win of the campaign, which would equal the Super Rugby record for the most wins by a team in a single season (including play-offs). In fact, anything more than a loss for the Crusaders would see them become just the third team in Super Rugby history to progress undefeated through the regular season (Blues 1997, Crusaders 2002).
  • -15
The Crusaders are vying to retain their unbeaten Super Rugby record and ensure they finish top of the regular season ladder, giving them home advantage throughout the play-offs.Defeat could see the Lions overtake them and could result in as trip to South Africa for the Final next month.
  • -20
When the two teams met in Round 12 in Christchurch earlier this year, the final score saw the Crusaders come out on top 20-12, but the Hurricanes have got everything to play for this week as the quarter finals approach.A win would likely see the Hurricanes head to Canberra to play the Brumbies, while a loss would probably see them head to South Africa to play the Stormers in Cape Town.
  • -25
The Hurricanes and Crusaders wrap up the league stages of their Super Rugby campaigns with a blockbuster New Zealand Conference derby.With the Crusaders undefeated in 2017, the Hurricanes face a huge test heading into the Super Rugby play-offs in what could be their final home match of the year.
  • -30
Welcome to this Super Rugby clash between the Hurricanes and the Crusaders coming to you from the Westpac Stadium, Wellington, New Zealand
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  • 1 Ben May
  • 2 Ricky Riccitelli
  • 3 Jeffery Toomaga-Allen
  • 4 Mark Abbott
  • 5 Sam Lousi
  • 6 Vaea Fifita
  • 7 Ardie Savea
  • 8 Brad Shields
  • 9 TJ Perenara
  • 10 Otere Black
  • 11 Julian Savea
  • 12 Ngani Laumape
  • 13 Vince Aso
  • 14 Nehe Milner-Skudder
  • 15 Jordie Barrett
  • 16 James O’Reilly
  • 17 Chris Eves
  • 18 Loni Uhila
  • 19 Reed Prinsep
  • 20 Callum Gibbins
  • 21 Te Toiroa Tahuriorangi
  • 22 Wes Goosen
  • 23 Cory Jane
  • 1 Wyatt Crockett
  • 2 Ben Funnell
  • 3 Michael Alaalatoa
  • 4 Luke Romano
  • 5 Scott Barrett
  • 6 Jordan Taufua
  • 7 Matt Todd
  • 8 Kieran Read
  • 9 Bryn Hall
  • 10 Richie Mo’unga
  • 11 George Bridge
  • 12 David Havili
  • 13 Jack Goodhue
  • 14 Seta Tamanivalu
  • 15 Israel Dagg
  • 16 Andrew Makalio
  • 17 Tim Perry
  • 18 Oliver Jager
  • 19 Sam Whitelock
  • 20 Jed Brown
  • 21 Mitchell Drummond
  • 22 Mitchell Hunt
  • 23 Sean Wainul
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Thu, 13 Jul 2017 22:43

IN THE SUPER RUGBY SPOTLIGHT: You could not have asked for a more enthralling and entertaining finish to the league stages of the competition.

The final positions on the standings may well be decided in the last encounter - match No.135.

The Crusaders and Lions are embroiled in a final-round battle to claim the top rankings spot and home advantage throughout the Super Rugby play-offs.

The Crusaders, just two points ahead of the Johannesburg-based Lions, must beat defending champion Hurricanes to go into next week's top-eight play-offs as top seed and in the box seat to host the Final on August 5.

Should the seven-time champions stumble in Wellington on Saturday then the Lions could leapfrog them to finish top of the final-season standings if they down the Sharks in Durban later that day.

Eight teams have already qualified for the play-offs with the top four conference winners having home advantage in the first week of the play-offs against the fifth to eighth-placed wild card teams.

Only the exact final places are to be decided this weekend.

In Part Two of the preview we look at the Saturday matches!

Saturday, July 15:

Sunwolves v Blues
(Prince Chichibu Memorial Stadium, Tokyo - Kick-off: 12.00; 15.00 NZ time; 03.00 GMT)

The Sunwolves are still searching for their first win over a New Zealand franchise.

They also haven't won since Week Seven, when they knocked over the Bulls.

Sunwolves coach Filo Tiatia said they are excited that we are back home in Japan, after two heavy defeats on tour in South Africa -  7-94 yo the Lions and 15-52 to the Stormers.

"We brought some fresh legs into selection this week," Tiatia said.

"We still have a large number of injuries in the squad," he added.

Captain Willem Britz described this week's selection as a "very exciting" team.

"Some of the players will be given another shot after the Stormers game, some fresh legs will be coming in so we are really looking forward for the game," Britz said of the visit by the Blues.

"Our preparation is going really well. We will focus on our strong points, our attacking game and fix some things on defence.

"Also this is the last game of the season. I really hope it will be a full crowd at Prince Chichibu Memorial Stadium. I really just want to go out there and thank the supporters for the support throughout the whole season by playing good rugby."

Blues coach Tana Umaga said he is expecting a lively and challenging match.

"It is clearly a challenge to come back after a four-week break for a one-off game, as the Sunwolves have had two games in South Africa," Umaga said.

"We know the conditions will be tough but we have prepared as well as possible for that.

"We have a number of players who will be in a Blues jersey for the final time and we want to honour them, as well as honour the Sunwolves in our first time in Japan by selecting our best possible team and playing good Blues rugby."

Previous results:
These teams have never met before.

Prediction: The Blues will become only the second New Zealand team to visit the Sunwolves in Super Rugby history, after the Hurricanes blew them away 83-17 in the opening round of this season. The Blues have led at half-time in each of their last five games away from home, though they've gone on to win only two of those games. The Sunwolves have crossed the whitewash at least once in each half of five of their last six games on home turf. The Blues boast a ruck success rate of 96% so far this campaign, the best of any team in the competition. Only one of the Sunwolves' last seven tries has been scored by a back, and the last time a back from the Japanese franchise scored a try on home turf was in Round Seven this season. The Blues will win, by plenty - 35 points or more.


Sunwolves: 15 Riaan Viljoen, 14 Kotaro Matsushima, 13 William Tupou, 12 Timothy Lafaele, 11 Kenki Fukuoka, 10 Yu Tamura, 9 Keisuke Uchida, 8 Willem Britz, 7 Shuhei Matsuhashi, 6 Malgene Ilaua, 5 Uwe Helu, 4 Kotaro Yatabe, 3 Koo Jiwon, 2 Takeshi Hino, 1 Koki Yamamoto.              
Replacements: 16 Yusuke Niwai, 17 Keita Inagaki, 18 Yasuo Yamaji, 19 Yuya Odo, 20 Yoshitaka Tokunaga, 21 Kaito Shigeno, 22 Jumpei Ogura, 23 Ryohei Yamanaka.

Blues: 15 Michael Collins, 14 Matt Duffie, 13 George Moala, 12 TJ Faiane, 11 Melani Nanai, 10 Ihaia West, 9 Augustine Pulu, 8 Steven Luatua, 7 Blake Gibson, 6 Akira Ioane, 5 Scott Scrafton, 4 Gerard Cowley-Tuioti, 3 Charlie Faumuina, 2 James Parsons (captain), 1 Ofa Tu'ungafasi.
Replacements: 16 Hame Faiva, 17 Pauliasi Manu, 18 Sione Mafileo, 19 Josh Goodhue, 20 Jerome Kaino, 21 Sam Nock, 22 Stephen Perofeta, 23 Rene Ranger.

Referee: Rasta Rasivhenge (South Africa)
Assistant referees: Akihisa Aso (Japan), Tasuku Takawahara (Japan)
TMO: Minoru Fuji (Japan)

Chiefs v Brumbies
(Waikato Stadium, Hamilton - Kick-off: 17.15; 15.15 AEST; 05.15 GMT)

The result of the game will ultimately decide the Chiefs' quarterfinals opponent.

Currently there are two scenarios.

The preferred outcome will see the Chiefs pack their bags next Wednesday for Canberra, for a return encounter with Australia's best Super Rugby side, the Brumbies.

The appeal of this scenario is solely due to the reduced travel time. To secure this, the Chiefs must defeat the Brumbies this weekend and in the later game, the Crusaders must draw with or beat the Hurricanes.

The second scenario sees the Chiefs depart for Cape Town a mere seven hours after their match this Saturday to play the Stormers.

They have their destiny in their own hands, facing up to an underwhelming Brumbies side - that last week lost to the reds and have a meagre 50 percent success rate this season.

If it wasn't for the ridiculous conference system, the Brumbies would not have been in the play-offs.

Despite the negativity surrounding the Australian franchises' dismal form this season, Brumbies scrumhalf Tomas Cubelli believe they can put together a quality performance when it matters most.

Throughout the campaign a feeling of togetherness and trust has permeated through the team.

Win or lose, the message has been that the team is in it together.

With the Chiefs sitting third in the New Zealand conference and sixth overall, the two sides could potentially meet a week later in Canberra for the quarterfinal.

Recent results:
2016: Chiefs won 48-23, Canberra
2015: Chiefs won 19-17, New Plymouth
2014: Brumbies won 32-30, Canberra (play-off match)
2014: Brumbies 41-23, Canberra
2013: Chiefs won 27-22, Hamilton (Final)

Prediction: The Chiefs have won four of their last six games against the Brumbies, and will be looking for three victories in a row against the team from the Australian capital for the first time in Super Rugby history. The Chiefs have won each of their last four games when hosting the Brumbies, though they've allowed them a losing bonus point on each occasion. The Chiefs have won nine of their last 10 games against Australian opposition, and haven't lost to an Australian team when playing at home since 2014. The Brumbies have lost on their last eight visits to New Zealand by an average margin of 15 points, last winning in Round Four, 2014 against the Hurricanes. The Canberra squad have been kept tryless in the opening half of three of their last six games, scoring only five tries in total across that span. The Brumbies, when they get it right, can make life unpleasant for the best teams. However, the Chiefs should ease to victory by 15 points.


Chiefs: 15 Damian McKenzie, 14 Solomon Alaimalo, 13 Alex Nankivell, 12 Charlie Ngatai, 11 James Lowe, 10 Aaron Cruden (captain), 9 Tawera Kerr-Barlow, 8 Michael Leitch, 7 Lachlan Boshier, 6 Liam Messam, 5 Mitchell Brown, 4 Michael Allardice, 3 Nepo Laulala, 2 Nathan Harris, 1 Kane Hames.
Replacements: 16 Liam Polwart, 17 Aidan Ross, 18 Atu Moli, 19 Tom Sanders, 20 Mitchell Karpik, 21 Finlay Christie, 22 Stephen Donald, 23 Shaun Stevenson.

Brumbies: 15 Jordan Jackson-Hope, 14 Henry Speight, 13 Nigel Ah Wong, 12 Andrew Smith, 11 James Dargaville, 10 Wharenui Hawera, 9 Tomas Cubelli, 8 Lolo Fakaosilea, 7 Jarrad Butler, 6 Scott Fardy (captain), 5 Blake Enever, 4 Tom Staniforth, 3 Leslie Leulua'iali'i-Makin, 2 Robbie Abel, 1 Nic Mayhew.
Replacements: 16 Josh Mann-Rea, 17 Scott Sio, 18 Ben Alexander, 19 Ben Hyne, 20 Tom Cusack, 21 Jordan Smiler, 22 Ryan Lonergan, 23 Tom Banks.

Referee: Ben O'Keeffe (New Zealand)
Assistant referees: Richard Kelly (New Zealand), Cam Stone (New Zealand)
TMO: Ben Skeen (New Zealand)

Hurricanes v Crusaders
(Westpac Stadium, Wellington - Kick-off: 19.35; 07.35 GMT)

The match of the weekend - for many reasons.

The Hurricanes and Crusaders wrap up the league stages of their Super Rugby campaigns with a blockbuster New Zealand Conference derby.

With the Crusaders undefeated in 2017, the Hurricanes face a huge test heading into the Super Rugby play-offs in what could be their final home match of the year.

When the two teams met in Round 12 in Christchurch earlier this year, the final score saw the Crusaders come out on top 20-12, but the Hurricanes have got everything to play for this week as the quarter finals approach.

A win would likely see the Hurricanes head to Canberra to play the Brumbies, while a loss would probably see them head to South Africa to play the Stormers in Cape Town.

The Hurricanes recalled All Blacks Thomas Perenara, Beauden Barrett and Ardie Savea in the only changes to the team that started during last month's 31-all1 draw with the touring British and Irish Lions.

In contrast the Crusaders have opted to rest some key All Blacks - the front trio of Joe Moody, Codie Taylor and Owen Franks - on 'medical advice'.

The Crusaders are vying to retain their unbeaten Super Rugby record and ensure they finish top of the regular season ladder, giving them home advantage throughout the play-offs.

Defeat could see the Lions overtake them and could result in as trip to South Africa for the Final next month.

The Hurricanes and Crusaders have met 30 times in Super Rugby since 1996.

The Hurricanes have won 10 times, the Crusaders 18, and two matches have been drawn.

The Hurricanes have scored 85 tries so far in 2017, a Super Rugby record.

Recent results:
2017: Crusaders won 20-12, Christchurch
2016: Hurricanes won 35-10, Christchurch
2015: Crusaders won 35-18, Christchurch
2015: Hurricanes won 29-23, Wellington
2014: Hurricanes won 16-9, Wellington
2014: Hurricanes won 29-26, Christchurch

Prediction: This will be the first time since 2015 that the Hurricanes have hosted the Crusaders, with the Wellington side winning each of their last three such fixtures. The Crusaders hunt for their 15th win of the campaign, which would equal the Super Rugby record for the most wins by a team in a single season (including play-offs). In fact, anything more than a loss for the Crusaders would see them become just the third team in Super Rugby history to progress undefeated through the regular season (Blues 1997, Crusaders 2002). The Hurricanes will be looking to avoid consecutive Super Rugby losses on home turf for the first time since Round Four, 2014 after a 17-14 loss to the Chiefs prior to the international break. The Crusaders kept the Hurricanes tryless when they met in Round 12 this season, the only team to keep the Wellington franchise from breaching their line in the last three years. The Hurricanes do have a realistic chance to knock over the Crusaders, but the smart money is on the Crusaders to win by five points.


Hurricanes: 15 Jordie Barrett, 14 Nehe Milner-Skudder, 13 Vince Aso, 12 Ngani Laumape, 11 Julian Savea, 10 Beauden Barrett, 9 Thomas Perenara (captain), 8 Brad Shields, 7 Ardie Savea, 6 Vaea Fifita, 5 Sam Lousi, 4 Mark Abbott, 3 Jeff To'omaga-Allen, 2 Ricky Riccitelli, 2 Ben May.
Replacements: 16 James O'Reilly, 17 Chris Eves, 18 Loni Uhila, 19 Reed Prinsep, 20 Callum Gibbins, 21 Te Toiroa Tahuriorangi, 22 Wes Goosen, 23 Cory Jane.

Crusaders: 15 Israel Dagg, 14 Seta Tamanivalu, 13 Jack Goodhue, 12 David Havili, 11 George Bridge, 10 Richie Mo'unga, 9 Bryn Hall, 8 Kieran Read, 7 Matt Todd (captain), 6 Jordan Taufua, 5 Scott Barrett, 4 Luke Romano, 3 Michael Alaalatoa, 2 Ben Funnell, 1 Wyatt Crockett.
Replacements: 16 Andrew Makalio, 17 Tim Perry, 18 Oliver Jager, 19 Samuel Whitelock, 20 Jed Brown, 21 Mitchell Drummond, 22 Mitchell Hunt, 23 Sean Wainui.

Referee: Glen Jackson (New Zealand)
Assistant referees: Brendon Pickerill (New Zealand), Angus Mabey (New Zealand)
TMO: Glenn Newman (New Zealand)

Western Force v Waratahs
(nib Stadium, Perth - Kick-off: 17.45; 19.45 AEST; 09.45 GMT)

Waratahs coach Daryl Gibson, with his future in Sydney in doubt, had to douse the flames fanned by rumours that he has a player revolt on his hands.

Gibson fronted up to the media and said the players are "determined" to play at their best to win the match.

"We're firmly focused on delivering and our focus doesn't extend beyond that, making sure that we finish off well," Gibson said.

In contrast Force coach Dave Wessels had the 'luxury' of being able to talk about on-field issues for a change - despite his team's uncertain future.

Wessels said the team is determined to finish the season strong and send Matt Hodgson out on a winning note.

The loose forward is walking off into the retirement sunset after the match in Perth.

"Saturday's game will be special for both Hodgo [Hodgson] and the franchise," Wessels said.

"He's given everything to the cause over a long career and we hope the Sea of Blue will help us give him the send-off he deserves."

Waratahs assistant coach Chris Malone spoke of the passion of the Force players that will confront the Tahs.

"They had a good game against the Rebels last week," Malone said, adding: "It was abrasive, it was attritional, it wasn't a walk over of any sorts.

"They're very direct in terms of the way they play, they run hard and they will try to take us on through the middle which is an area we need to get better at.

Recent results:
2017: Waratahs won 19-13, Sydney
2016: Waratahs won 49-13, Perth
2015: Force won 18-11, Perth
2015: Force won 25-13, Sydney
2014: Force won 28-16, Perth
2014: Waratahs won 43-21, Sydney

Prediction: The Waratahs have won their last two games against the Force, restricting them to just 13 points on each occasion. This will be the first time that the Western Force have finished their season on home soil since a 21-15 win against the Brumbies in 2013. The Waratahs have won their last four games away from home within Australia, including wins after trailing at half-time in each of their last two such fixtures. The Western Force are one of only four teams in the competition to have not had their opposition steal a scrum this season (also Bulls, Crusaders, Sharks). Bernard Foley has scored an average of 11.9 points per game so far this season, the second most of any player in the competition behind Curwin Bosch 12.7). If there is one team that often trouble the Waratahs it is the Western Force - who will rely on raw emotion to secure a win - by nine points.


Western Force: 15 Dane Haylett-Petty, 14 Marcel Brache, 13 Curtis Rona, 12 Bill Meakes, 11 Alex Newsome, 10 Peter Grant, 9 Michael Ruru, 8 Isi Naisarani, 7 Matt Hodgson (captain), 6 Ross Haylett-Petty, 5 Adam Coleman, 4 Matt Philip, 3 Tetera Faulkner, 2 Tatafu Polota-Nau, 1 Pek Cowan.
Replacements: 16 Anaru Rangi, 17 Francois van Wyk, 18 Shambeckler Vui, 19 Lewis Carmichael, 20 Richard Hardwick, 21 Ian Prior, 22 Jono Lance, 23 James Verity-Amm.

Waratahs: 15 Israel Folau, 14 Taqele Naiyaravoro, 13 Rob Horne, 12 David Horwitz, 11 Cam Clark, 10 Bernard Foley, 9 Jake Gordon, 8 Michael Wells, 7 Michael Hooper (captain), 6 Jack Dempsey, 5 Dean Mumm, 4 Ned Hanigan, 3 Sekope Kepu, 2 Damien Fitzpatrick, 1 Tom Robertson.
Replacements: 16 Hugh Roach, 17 David Lolohea, 18 Angus Ta'avao, 19 David McDuling, 20 Ryan McCauley, 21 Nick Phipps, 22 Mack Mason, 23 Andrew Kellaway.

Referee: Nic Berry (Australia)
Assistant referees: Will Houston (Australia), Graham Cooper (Australia)
TMO: Ian Smith (Australia)

Bulls v Stormers
(Loftus Versfeld, Pretoria - Kick-off: 15.05; 13.05 GMT)

Once the biggest game of the season, this north-south derby is no longer big, nor does it come with the build-up that would fill a stadium.

While the Stormers have plenty to play for - momentum ahead of the play-offs - the Bulls are playing just for pride.

There is some additional motivation.

Bulls coach Nollis Marais will vacate his seat after the match, with New Zealander John Mitchell set to formally take over as 'Executive of Rugby' on Sunday.

Marais said he tried to remove the emotion and focus on the rugby.

"I think it was quite a good week," Marais said.

"I just sat down on Monday and said to the guys: 'Obviously it's not what we planned for in the season, we let the fans down'.

"Obviously there's change coming and we've let the fans down - it's not nice and it's not the greatest feeling in the world.

"However, we want to finish off strong and make sure that we make people proud on Saturday, by playing good rugby.

"We are going to do our outmost to win the game on Saturday. It is still a derby game and as I said to the guys, I started against the Stormers and I finish against the Stormers."

Stormers captain Siyamthanda Kolisi said their focus was on their own game, rather than the developments in the Bulls camp.

They have bigger goals ahead.

"Our main focus is to get momentum for [the quarterfinal against a New Zealand team] next week," Kolisi said.

"The things that we wanted to work on, which I am not going to mention, is just simple stuff and us just controlling the game more.

"We can afford to allow whoever we are playing against pull us in and play the way they want us to play.

"We are going to work on our strong points and just focus on our things."

Recent results:
2017: Stormers won 37-24, Cape Town
2016: Bulls won 17-13, Pretoria
2016: Stormers won 33-9, Cape Town
2015: Stormers won 15-13, Cape Town
2015: Stormers won 29-17, Pretoria

Prediction: The Stormers have won eight of their last 11 games against the Bulls, including five of their last six, though each of their losses in that period has come on the road. A tight 40-34 win against the Cheetahs in Round 15 sees the Stormers searching for back-to-back wins away from home against South African opposition for the first time since early 2015. The Bulls have now gone four games at home without victory, the last time they lost more home games in succession was a run of nine losses from 2001 to 2003. The Stormers have scored 15 tries after maintaining possession for seven or more phases, four more tries than any other team in the competition and 11 more than the Bulls. Each of the Bulls' last six tries against the Stormers have been scored by backs; Deon Stegmann in 2015 was the last Bulls' forward to cross against the Cape Town side. Only die-hard fans will risk their money on a Bulls win. The Stormers will win and they will be disappointed if it is not at least 20 points.


Bulls: 15 Warrick Gelant, 14 Travis Ismaiel, 13 Jesse Kriel, 12 Jan Serfontein, 11 Duncan Matthews, 10 Tian Schoeman, 9 Rudy Paige, 8 Nic de Jager, 7 Jannes Kirsten, 6 Shaun Adendorff, 5 Rudolph Snyman, 4 Jason Jenkins, 3 Conrad Janse van Vuuren, 2 Adriaan Strauss (captain), 1 Pierre Schoeman.
Replacements: 16 Jaco Visagie, 17 Trevor Nyakane, 18 John Roy Jenkinson, 19 Ruben van Heerden, 20 Ruan Steenkamp, 21 Piet van Zyl, 22 Tony Jantjies, 23 Burger Odendaal.

Stormers: 15 Dillyn Leyds, 14 Cheslin Kolbe, 13 EW Viljoen, 12 Damian de Allende, 11 Seabelo Senatla, 10 Damian Willemse, 9 Jano Vermaak, 8 Nizaam Carr, 7 Rynhardt Elstadt, 6 Siyamthanda Kolisi (captain), 5 Pieter-Steph du Toit, 4 Eben Etzebeth, 3 Frans Malherbe, 2 Bongi Mbonambi, 1 Jacobus Janse van Rensburg.
Replacements: 16 Ramone Samuels, 17 Steven Kitshoff, 18 Wilco Louw, 19 Chris van Zyl, 20 Sikhumbuzo Notshe, 21 Justin Phillips, 22 Juan de Jongh, 23 Dan Kriel.

Referee: Kubo Shuhei (Japan)
Assistant referees: Federico Anselmi (Argentina), Jaco van Heerden (South Africa)
TMO: Marius Jonker (South Africa)

Sharks v Lions
(Kings Park, Durban - Kick-off: 17.15; 15.15 GMT)

By the time the game kicks off, the Lions will know whether they still have a chance to finish first on the standings.

However, Lions coach Johan Ackermann said his team won't be focussed on the encounter between the Hurricanes (who can do them a huge favour) and the Crusaders earlier in the day.

It is about getting the best out of his team in this match.

Ackermann said they can't afford to get ahead of themselves.

"We have had a bye week, so it is important to get back into the process," he told rugby365.

"The Sharks in Durban is a great challenge, as we have not won there often.

"It is important that we get momentum and play good rugby."

He said that "regardless of the result", it is important that they go out as a team and play well.

"Only after the match we will worry about the play-offs.

"There may or may not be something at stake in the game [depending on what happens in the match between the Hurricanes and Crusaders earlier in the day].

"We won't know till Saturday, so my expectations of the players is to prepare for this like any other game. You can't wait till Saturday before making a call on how you want to play."

There will be a measure of "revenge" in the Sharks' approach to the match, as they are still rankled by their dramatic 29-34 loss at Ellis Park earlier this season.

"We have been looking forward to this game for some time, especially after what happened at Ellis Park where we felt we should have won, so we are definitely excited about this one," Sharks scrumhalf Cobus Reinach said.

"In that Johannesburg game it did not work out.

"Hopefully we can put in a great performance and it will go our way this time."

The Sharks can avoid a long trip to play the Crusaders in the first week of the play-offs if they beat the Lions with a bonus point and the Highlanders are upset at home by Australia's Reds.

Recent results:
2017: Lions won 34-29, Johannesburg
2016: Lions won 37-10, Johannesburg
2016: Lions won 24-9, Durban
2015: Lions won 23-21, Johannesburg
2015: Sharks won 29-12, Durban

Prediction: The Lions have beaten the Sharks in each of their last four meetings, after winning just twice in 13 meetings prior. The Sharks have won their final regular season game in each of their last seven campaigns, winning their last five such fixtures by an average margin of 24 points. The Lions have now won 11 games in a row since a 12-point loss to the Jaguares in Round 3, and have scored 199 points in their last three games combined. The Sharks rely on the penalty goal more often than any other team in the competition, slotting 3.3 penalty goals per game so far this season. The Lions' Franco Mostert has stolen 13 line-outs so far this season, six more than any other player in the competition, though Sharks duo Ruan Botha (seven) and Stephan Lewies (seven) are each ranked equal second. It could get brutal, but the Lions should win - by 12 points.


Lions: 15 Andries Coetzee, 14 Ruan Combrinck, 13 Lionel Mapoe, 12 Harold Vorster, 11 Courtnall Skosan, 10 Elton Jantjies, 9 Ross Cronjé, 8 Ruan Ackermann, 7 Albertus Smith, 6 Jaco Kriel (captain), 5 Francois Mostert, 4 Andries Ferreira, 3 Ruan Dreyer, 2 Malcolm Marx, 1 Jacques van Rooyen.
Replacements: 16 Armand van der Merwe, 17 Corne Fourie, 18 Johannes Jonker, 19 Lourens Erasmus, 20 Cyle Brink, 21 Francois de Klerk, 22 Rohan Janse van Rensburg, 23 Sylvian Mahuza.

Sharks: 15 Lwazi Mvovo, 14 Jacobus van Wyk, 13 Lukhanyo Am, 12 Andre Esterhuizen, 11 Sibusiso Nkosi, 10 Garth April, 9 Jacobus Reinach, 8 Daniel du Preez, 7 Jean-Luc du Preez, 6 Philip van der Walt (captain), 5 Stephan Lewies, 4 Etienne Oosthuizen, 3 Coenraad Oosthuizen, 2 Mahlatse Ralepelle, 1 Thomas du Toit.
Replacements: 16 Stephan Coetzee, 17 Juan Schoeman, 18 Lourens Adriaanse, 19 Jean Droste, 20 Lubabalo Mtembu, 21 Michael Claassens, 22 Curwin Bosch, 23  Jeremy Ward.

Referee: Marius van der Westhuizen (South Africa)
Assistant referees: AJ Jacobs (South Africa), Cwengile Jadezweni (South Africa)
TMO: Johan Greeff (South Africa)

Compiled by Jan de Koning

* Statistics provided by Opta Sports &

Mc article ngani laumape hurricanes v crusaders 800

Canes end Crusaders unbeaten run

Sat, 15 Jul 2017 08:00

SUPER RUGBY REPORT: The Hurricanes 31-22 win over the Crusaders on Saturday, ended the seven-time Super Rugby champions' unbeaten run for the season.

What a dramatic, intriguing, gripping and thrilling match! 

It was worthy of a Super Rugby Final and, in fact, could still become one this year.

There was so much to play for. The Crusaders would have their sights set on a victory which would have given them a top spot with the advantage of home matches, possibly as far as the final. For the Hurricanes victory would mean going to Canberra, rather than  all the way to South Africa for the quarterfinal.

The Hurricanes were at home but that advantage seemed as nought compared with  the enforced rearrangement of their backline, as late as the prematch warm-up. In the end only three of their backs stayed as chosen. 

Beauden Barrett cried off because of a virus and inexperienced Otere Black came in to flyhalf. Vince Aso did not make it through the warm-ups and that brought about a shuffle. Jordie Barrett moved to outside centre, Nehe Milner-Skudder dropped back to fullback and Wes Goosen came in on the wing. Unsurprisingly  it took time for the new backline to get into working order and, before it could, the Crusaders had scored 12 points.

The Crusader pack, even with the luxury of resting Sam Whitelock on the bench, won a fierce contest. They were better at scrums - a messy 15 of them - and line-outs of which there were 26 with the Hurricanes throwing in to 19, but here the Crusaders employed the distasteful tactic that they had learnt from the B&I Lions, of seeking to put off the opposition throw by shouting and gesticulating. The Crusaders also won the turnovers. The problem for the men from the South Island was that they negated all of this with a penalty count of 20 to seven against them.

It was a still evening in Wellington and a crowd of 23 790 in Westpac Stadium for the match, and it started off so well for the Crusaders.

Black kicked off, Bryn Hall kicked back and Milner-Skudder knocked on in difficult circumstances. Ben May was penalised at the scrum. (The first three scrums ended in penalties, the fourth in a free kick.) From the line-out the Crusaders attacked. Richie Mo'unga took advantage of the ragged Hurricanes' defence to throw a long, perfect, left-handed pass to Seta Tamanivalu on the right wing. Tamanivalu did well to catch the dipping ball and was over in the right corner. Mo'unga converted from touch. 7-0 after 3 minutes.

Just after this, the Hurricanes were on the attack and had two penalties close to the Crusaders' line and in front of the posts and each time they opted for scrums even though their scrum was so rickety. The second scrum became a relieving penalty for the Crusaders.

The Crusaders went through phases, again going right and Kieran Read gave  a short pass to Tamanivalu who juggled, caught and scored in the right corner. This time Mo'unga's conversion bounced away off an upright, but the Crusaders led 12-0 after 13 minutes. They were bossing the game.

The Highlanders attacked down the left with Julian Savea speeding ahead till lock Scott Barrett caught him from behind. He got the ball to Milner-Skudder but Read won a turnover and the Crusaders cleared.

When the Hurricanes scored it was a beauty. Getting into his stride, Ngani Laumape forged ahead and got a short pass to Jordie Barrett who had got himself into an excellent position. The 20-year-old sped between two defenders and past a third to score a try, which he then converted to make it 12-7 after 31 minutes, the half-time score.

A penalty gave the Hurricanes a line-out. They threw to the front where Sam Lousi peeled around and they were attacking. Then came the great New Zealand moment as Black kicked a high diagonal out to the far left where Julian Savea and Israel Dagg competed for the ball. Savea won the contest and patted the ball back. The ball bounced forward and Savea got the ball and scored an exquisite try. Barrett's conversion gave the home side a 14-12 lead but with 35 minutes to play.

From the kick-off Brad Shields got the ball but slipped. A ruck formed and the Crusaders' counterruck shoved the Hurricanes back and the home side was penalised. Mo'unga goaled and the Crusaders had their lead back - 15-14 with 33 minutes to play. 

It was a tense half.

The Crusaders increased their lead as short, advancing phases got them to the goal-line and five-mere scrum. The Crusader backs were lined up left but Read picked up the ball at the back of the scrum and gave a long pass to Dagg on the right. Dagg stepped inside Jordie Barrett and scored. The conversion made it 22-14 after 57 minutes, and the Crusaders seemed to be riding to victory and all its attendant advantages.

But then it was the Hurricanes' turn to have a five-mere scrum after Wes Goosen had chipped and Matt Todd was forced back into his in-goal. TJ Perenara danced to the right and gave Goosen the room to score in the right corner. Jordie Barrett's metronome worked and he again converted from touch. It was now 22-21 to the Crusaders with 20 minutes to play.

Jordie Barrett was short with a penalty attempt from inside his own half.

Sam Whitelock came on in time for a line-out near his 22. It was on the Hurricanes' left. In came a thundering Julian Savea who gave to his brother Ardie who ploughed on. They passed to the left and tall Vaea Fifita was over in the corner, just over and just in the corner. But Jordie Barrett again converted and now the Hurricanes led 28-22 but with 15 scary minutes to play.

From a scrum on the Crusaders' right, Read broke on the right but when he passed inside he gave to Ardie Savea who passed back to Jordie Barrett who kicked out on the full, giving the Crusaders a line-out inside the Hurricanes' 22. From the line-out, substitute scrumhalf Mitchell Drummond broke clean through. The Hurricanes stopped him on their goal-line and the Crusaders piled in . But their piling-in was illegal and they were penalised.

Back came the Crusaders but after 12 phases they were again penalised and then marched on 10 metres for grabbing tap-kicking Perenara within 10 metres.

From the line-out Callum Gibbins broke on a strong run to put the Hurricanes on the attack.

The Crusaders won a turnover and Drummond kicked. Goosen caught the ball and was swamped by Crusader forwards who were penalised for going over the ball. From nine metres inside the Crusader half, Jordie Barrett kicked a soaring penalty goal. 31-22 with just three minutes left.

The Crusaders were all charging effort but the Hurricanes won the ball and Perenara kicked out to end the match and make sure that the Hurricanes went to Canberra while the Crusaders sweated on the match in Durban between the Lions and the Sharks.

Man of the Match: A match is won by the team scoring the most points, the Laws of the Game say, and the player scoring the most points in the team that scored the most points was Jordie Barrett. He settled into centre after a shaky start and missed Israel Dagg but his positive contribution of a try and excellent goal-kicking wins him our award.

The scorers:

For Hurricanes:
: Barrett, J Savea, Goosen, Fifitia
Cons: Barrett 4
Pen: Barrett

For Crusaders:
Tamanivalu 2, Dagg
Cons: Mo’unga 2
Pen: Mo’unga

Hurricanes: 15 Nehe Milner-Skudder, 14 Wes Goosen, 13 Jordie Barrett, 12 Ngani Laumape, 11 Julian Savea, 10 Otere Black, 9 Thomas Perenara (captain), 8 Brad Shields, 7 Ardie Savea, 6 Vaea Fifita, 5 Sam Lousi, 4 Mark Abbott, 3 Jeff Toomaga-Allen, 2 Ricky Riccitelli, 1 Ben May
Replacements: 16 James O’Reilly, 17 Chris Eves, 18 Loni Uhila, 19 Reed Prinsep, 20 Callum Gibbins, 21 Te Toiroa Tahuriorangi, 22 Cory Jane, 23 Ben Lam

Crusaders: 15 Israel Dagg, 14 Seta Tamanivalu, 13 Jack Goodhue, 12 David Havili, 11 George Bridge, 10 Richie Mo’unga, 9 Bryn Hall, 8 Kieran Read, 7 Matt Todd (captain), 6 Jordan Taufua, 5 Scott Barrett, 4 Luke Romano, 3 Michael Alaalatoa, 2 Ben Funnell, 1 Wyatt Crockett
Replacements: 16 Andrew Makalio, 17 Tim Perry, 18 Oliver Jager, 19 Sam Whitelock, 20 Jed Brown, 21 Mitchell Drummond, 22 Mitchell Hunt, 23 Sean Wainui

Referee: Glen Jackson
Assistant Referees: Brendon Pickerill, Angus Mabey
TMO: Glenn Newman

Jordie Barrett (31min), Julian Savea (44min), Wes Goosen (59min), and Vaea Fifita (64min)
Seta Tamanivalu (3min), Seta Tamanivalu (14min), and Israel Dagg (54min)
Jordie Barrett (32min), Jordie Barrett (45min), Jordie Barrett (60min), and Jordie Barrett (65min)
Richie Mo’unga (4min) and Richie Mo’unga (55min)
Jordie Barrett (78min)
Richie Mo’unga (47min)
VENUE Westpac Stadium
REFEREE Glen Jackson (New Zealand)