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Golden Lions

29     20

Western Province

Currie Cup | Johannesburg
12:30 (GMT) | 08-10-2017
  • 80
Full-time the Lions have defeated WP 29-20. Thank you for joining us at for this match. Its been a pleasure! Until next time!
  • 79
Province have a scrum put in with a minute left on the clock. Can WP get a bonus point by coming within 7. Jones has a run midfield then Phillips. Lions defense is holding strong. Dylan Smith steals the ball for the Lions on his own line.
  • 78
Davids fails to convert the try
  • 77
Just too much pressure from the Lions as Rohan Janse Van Rensburg crosses the line and scores!! TMO in action, the call is made and its a try!
  • 76
Kwagga Smith comes withing 5 meters of scoring. Coetzee, and Dylan Smith all both involved. Province on the ropes.
  • 75
Carr has a go for Province before he is bundled into touch. Lions take the lineout quickly and Janse van Vuuren clears the ball up field. Barry has a crack from deep before Willemse drops the ball cold . Scrum down, Lions put in inside WP's 22.
  • 74
Nel comes within inches of scoring , Davids just beats the flying winger to the ball as the ball is dotted down . 22 dropout to the Lions as time is running out for the visitors.
  • 72
Davids converts the try
  • 71
Lions just 5 meters out now as Kwagga Smith has a go ,followed by a memorable try from Robert Kruger gives the Lions the lead
  • 70
Lions steal the ball on a Province throw and are back on the attack through Vorster and then Davids. Good play from the Lions as they make their way into WP's 22
  • 69
Duvenage feeds the scrum and the big boys up front put in a massive effort in destroying the Lions pack and win the penalty! Duvenage kicks for touch and the pressure has been relieved for WP.
  • 68
Coetzee finds Orie and the Lions set the maul well. Kwagga Smith has a go, then Vorster. A beautiful chip is put through by Janse Van Vuuren, Dyantyi shows his pure speed and looks to have beaten Kok to the ball. TMO in action , the decision is made and the Lions winger lost the ball forward so we will have a 5 meter scrum with a WP put in.
  • 67
Lions attack through Davids then la Grange who gets the ball stripped off him. Ref calls for time off for potential foul play against Western Province . Call is made and Jones is penalized for a high tackle so the Lions are awarded the penalty. Davids kicks for touch and the Lions have a lineout inside WP's 22.
  • 64
Coetzee fails to find his jumper as Notshe regains possession for the visitors. Kicks are made once again by both sides before Ruhan Nel has a run for Province.
  • 63
Silly kick by Dyantyi hands the ball back to Province. Duvenage then overcooks his kick as the ball goes out on the full. We go all the way to the 10 meter line inside the visitors half for a Lions lineout
  • 61
Coetzee finds Orie once again at the lineout. Ferreira then gets smashed midfield and Davids clears the ball up field. Willemse puts his ears back and has a go as Province look to spark some magic but Jones loses the ball forward . Scrum down, Lions put in.
  • 59
Couple kicks back and forth between the two sides before Willemse puts in the decisive kick that rolls into touch 10 meters from the Lions line.
  • 58
Van der Walt converts the try
  • 57
Coetzee finds Orie at the lineout and the Lions set the maul before Kwagga Smith bashes it up then Ferreira gets involved in the tight. Province's defense finally cracks as Dyantyi gets the ball spins on the wing and beats Willemse , the last defender and scores the try. TMO in action for a potential knock on ... The call is made and its a TRY!!!
  • 56
Jaco Van der Walt gets smashed while trying to run from deep . Lions get the penalty as Viljoen is penalized for not rolling away at the ruck . Davids kicks for touch to set up a lineout for the Lions inside WP's half.
  • 54
Du Preez raises the flags as Province extend their lead
  • 53
Mbonambi finds Schickerling at the lineout before Orie is penalized and Province win another penalty. This time, Du Preez will have a shot at goal.
  • 52
Province on the attack inside the Lions half before Janse Van Rensburg is penalized for an intentional knock down. Duvenage kicks for touch to set up a lineout on the Lions 22.
  • 51
Dangerous chip kick from Du Preez also goes to Willemse's hand , luckily for the home side Dyantyi cleans the ball up . Davids puts through a kick , Du Preez cleans up and plays Ruhan Nel who makes a lovely run of 20 meters before being tackled into touch in the next phase of play.
  • 49
Lovely step by Willemse breaks the line for Province. He then also throws a lovely out the back door pass to put Viljoen into space . Du Preez then puts the ball on his boot and the Lions return the favor with another massive kick from Janse Van Vuuren who looks like a extremely promising player.
  • 47
Mbonambi fails to find his jumper as Orie steals the ball on a Province throw Dyantyi then makes a decent run before Davids puts in a pointless kick marked easily by Ruhan Nel.
  • 46
Lions have a lineout throw 5 meters from their own line. Coetzee finds Orie and Ferreira crashes the ball up. Van Vuuren then clears the ball into touch relieving the pressure for the Lions.
  • 45
Province turn the ball over and Willemse clears the ball into the Lions 22 forcing Van der Walt to retreat to clean up the ball and smash the ball into the safety of touch.
  • 44
Duvenage pumps the ball into touch . Lions have a lineout on the halfway line. Coetzee finds Orie and then Kwagga Smith makes a strong run followed by Vorster having a crack midfield.
  • 43
Coetzee finds his jumper for the Lions , Mbonambi is then penalized for Province and Davids kicks for touch once more. This time the Lions have the lineout throw inside Province's 22.
  • 42
Van der Walt runs the ball from deep before Schickerling is penalized for coming in the side of the ruck . Davids kicks for touch for the Lions.
  • 41
Second half underway as the Lions kick off.

Half Time

  • 40
Du Preez misses his penalty attempt and the referee blows for half-time. See you all in a bit for the second half
  • 39
Game continues after the players left the field due to dangerous conditions weather wise. We restart a scrum to the Lions, Province get demolished up front as the Lions win the penalty and Davids kicks for touch to set up a lineout near the halfway line. Province get the ball, go back on the attack before winning a penalty . Du Preez will have a shot at goal to take us into half time
  • 38
Province win another penalty. Du Preez sets up a lineout inside the Lions 22. Mbonambi finds his jumper in Van Zyl, the maul is set. The Lions hold up the maul and the ball does not come out. Ref calls for a Lions scrum. Good defense from the home side .
  • 36
Short arm penalty awarded to the Lions from a early engagement at the scrum. Davids clears the ball into touch. Lineout to Province on the halfway line
  • 35
Absolutely bucketing down at the stadium , will certainly increase the amount of handling errors.... We have a scrum down to Province inside the Lions half. Duvenage feeds , plays Du Preez who plays Senatla who throws loose pass to Viljoen who cannot hang onto the ball. Scrum to the Lions
  • 33
Lions attack through Davids , Janse van Vuuren puts in the box kick then Du Preez clears the ball up field. A game or aerial ping pong takes place before Jaco van Der Walt puts the ball into touch. Lineout to Province inside their own half.
  • 31
Du Preez converts the try
  • 30
Lions lose the lineout inside their own 22 as Mbonambi makes a good run, Du Preez then gets the ball throws the dummy and cruises in for a try for Province !
  • 29
Van der Walt converts the try , we all square!
  • 28
Counter attack from the Lions tears Province into shreds as Rohan Janse Van Rensburg breaks the line , draws Willemse and plays in Mahuza for the try! Super try from the home side !
  • 26
Mbonambi fails to find his jumper and Marco Janse van Vuuren thumps the ball up field as the ball rolls out between the 10 and the 22 in Provinces half. A super kick indeed
  • 25
Province with ball in hand as Viljoen and Mbonambi link up . Referee awards Province a penalty for Kwagga Smith being offside. Du Preez sets up the lineout deep inside the Lions half.
  • 24
Du Preez thumps the ball , the ball is going , its going, its going but he drifts it wide. Lions have the 22 dropout.
  • 23
Lions defense holds strong before De Villiers is pinged for coming in the side of the ruck. Du Preez will have a shot at goal from +- 48 meters out.
  • 22
Mbonambi finds his jumper in Wiese. Province then attack through Jones then Carr who throws the ball to winger Nel. Province 30 meters out.
  • 21
Knock ons everywhere, very messy at best. Lions finally hang onto the ball as Van der Walt makes a good run. Senatla then forces the fullback to hang onto the ball and wins the penalty for WP. Du Preez kicks for touch.
  • 19
Van der Walt raises the flags and the Lions are on the board
  • 18
Lions awarded the penalty as Cobus Wiese is pinged for being offside. The decision is made and the Lions will have a shot at goal as Van der Walt steps up to the plate.
  • 17
Lions on the attack through Ferreira then Davids. Dylan Smith has a crack but Province defense holds strong
  • 15
Du Preez converts the try
  • 14
Willemse takes on the Lions line but is taken well before Jones and Viljoen link up break the Lions line and offload to Nizaam Carr who crosses the line for Province! Great try
  • 13
Lions on the attack near the halfway as van Rooyen puts his head down then Vorster gets rid of 3 defenders and makes a super run before Province turn the ball over and du Preez puts in a lovely kick that rolls into touch inside the Lions 22.
  • 12
Lions win the penalty at the scrum. Davids kicks for touch to set up a lineout
  • 11
Mbonambi finds his jumper at the lineout. Province then attack through Van Wyk, Janse Van Rensburg and Schickerling before the referee calls for an accidental obstruction awarding the Lions a relieving scrum on their own line.
  • 9
Province win the penalty from the domineering scrum . Du Preez kicks for touch to set up a lineout inside the Lions 22
  • 8
Van der Walt has a run from the back for the Lions followed by Kwagga Smith who makes a strong run. Orie then throws a terrible pass which is knocked forward by backrower De Villiers. Scrum to Province
  • 7
Kwagga Smith has a run for the home side. Davids again puts through a kick cleaned up once more by Willemse who dots the ball down. 22 dropout to Western Province
  • 6
Jansen finds his jumper and Vorster bashes the ball up midfield for the Lions. Davids then puts through a average grubber easily cleaned up by Willemse. Duvenage then clears WP's line once again.
  • 4
Big scrum from Province gives A grde ball to flyhalf Du Preez who pumps the ball up field. Mahuza then runs it back at the visitors before the Lions win the penalty and Davids kicks for touch to set up a lineout inside WP's 22
  • 3
Province attack from their own line before Huw Jones loses the ball forward handing a golden opportunity to the Lions. A grubber kick is put through by Davids but fullback van der Walt cannot regather the ball as he loses the ball forward. Scrum down, Province put in on their own line.
  • 2
Lions fumble the kick off as WP go straight onto the front foot. Wiese makes a good run along the touchline before the Lions are pinged for being offside. Du Preez steps up to have a shot at goal, lines up his kick, strikes the ball well and its over! WP take the lead early
  • 1
First half underway as Du Preez kicks off
  • -5
Almost time for kick-off this should be a cracking game. Sunday funday....Bring it on!
  • -10
Prediction: Western Province will take this one by seven points or less.
  • -15
Recent results: 2017: Western Province 39-3, Cape Town 2016: Golden Lions won 58-32, Johannesburg 2015: Golden Lions won 32-24, Johannesburg (Final) 2015: Golden Lions won 62-32, Johannesburg 2014: Western Province won 19-16, Cape Town (Final)
  • -20
The hosts won three of their last four encounters, but the visitors registered a convincing 39-3 win against them in Cape Town in August. Adding to this Western Province have scored an impressive 101 points in their last two matches, meaning they will enter the match with self-belief
  • -25
The match between the Golden Lions and Western Province in Johannesburg today will be gripping as both sides are currently in the top four, while the Capetonians will have the extra incentive of wanting to remain in second place on the standings for a possible home semifinal.
  • -30
Welcome to this Currie Cup clash between the Lions and Western Province coming to you from Ellis Park, Johannesburg
Mc lions graphic80x50
Golden Lions
Mc wp graphic80x50
Western Province
  • 1 Dylan Smith
  • 2 Peter Jansen
  • 3 Jacques van Rooyen
  • 4 Andries Ferreira
  • 5 Marvin Orie
  • 6 :\Len Massyn
  • 7 Jo-Hanko De Villiers
  • 8 Kwagga Smith
  • 9 Marco Jansen van Vuuren
  • 10 Ashlon Davids
  • 11 Aphiwe Dyantyi
  • 12 Rohan Janse van Rensburg
  • 13 Harold Voster
  • 14 Sylvian Mahuza
  • 15 Jaco van der Walt
  • 16 Robbie Coetzee
  • 17 Sithembiso Sithole
  • 18 Rhyno Herbst
  • 19 Robert Kruger
  • 20 Hacjivah Dayimani
  • 21 Bradley Thain
  • 22 Jan-Louis la Grange
  • 1 JC Janse van Rensburg
  • 2 Bongi Mbonambi
  • 3 Frans van Wyk
  • 4 Chris van Zyl
  • 5 JD Schickerling
  • 6 Kobus van Dyk
  • 7 Cobus Wiese
  • 8 Nizaam Carr
  • 9 Dewaldt Duvenage
  • 10 Robert du Preez
  • 11 Ruhan Nel
  • 12 Huw Jones
  • 13 EW Viljoen
  • 14 Seabelo Senatla
  • 15 Damian Willemse
  • 16 Ramone Samuels
  • 17 Caylib Oosthuizen
  • 18 Jan de Klerk
  • 19 Sikhumbuzo Notshe
  • 20 Justin Phillips
  • 21 Werner Kok
  • 22 Craig Barry
Mc article currie cup ball 800

PREVIEW: Currie Cup, Round 13

Thu, 05 Oct 2017 20:17

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: The scramble for semifinal places in the Currie Cup Premier Division will reach boiling point in the penultimate pool round this weekend, with the results set to be decisive in the teams' top four aspirations.

All six sides taking to the field are still in the race for semifinal berths, and while victories will keep them in the running, defeats could deal the knock-out blow to the hopes of the teams at the foot of the log.
The Sharks, meanwhile, will enjoy their bye with peace of mind that they have already secured the top spot on the log table and an invaluable home semifinal.

We take a look at all the Round 13 action!

Friday, October 6:

Free State Cheetahs v Blue Bulls
(Free State Stadium, Bloemfontein - Kick-off: 18.15; 16.15 GMT)

The Free State Cheetahs and Blue Bulls will kick off the weekend's action in Bloemfontein on Friday where the hosts will be determined to bounce back from their defeat last week to remain in the top three on the log and in the race for a possible home semifinal.

But they will go up against a Blue Bulls team hurting from three back-to-back defeats and whose semifinal hopes will in all likelihood be dashed completely if they suffer another defeat.
The Cheetahs have won the last three match-ups between the sides in the competition, two of which were in Bloemfontein, but the visitors went down by one point against them in Pretoria earlier in the season, which they will want to make amends for. This includes last year's final in the Free State capital.

The Free State Cheetahs made five personnel changes to their team, which sees wings Cecil Africa and Jacobus Jonker earn starts. The match will be particularly significant for Jonker and fullback Clayton Blommetjies, as they will play their 100th and 50th Currie Cup matches respectively.

The Blue Bulls, in turn, opted for continuity in selection and named an identical starting team to last week, with the only change on the bench being prop Matthys Basson replacing Dayan van der Westhuizen.

"It is an important match for us, as we need to show more improvement and progress. The hard work is slowly paying off and now the processes and results must start coming together," said Blue Bulls coach John Mitchell. 

Blue Bulls captain, Burger Odendaal, said the team is keen to play.

"Last weekend, despite the result, was a huge boost for us as we are getting more and more competitive every week and the progress and belief is getting better every week. That is very pleasing from a squad perspective and we are slowly but surely getting on the same page. That is very exciting to be part of," Odendaal said.

Recent results:
2017: Free State Cheetahs won 41-40, Pretoria
2016: Free State Cheetahs won 36-16, Bloemfontein (Final)
2016: Free State Cheetahs won 43-20, Bloemfontein
2015: Blue Bulls won 24-17, Pretoria
2015: Blue Bulls won 57-19, Bloemfontein

Prediction: The Blue Bulls will be desperate, especially after their defeat to Western Province last week. The Bulls will win by eight points.


Free State Cheetahs: 15 Clayton Blommetjies, 14 Jacobus Jonker, 13 Aliqhayiya Mgijima, 12 Lloyd Greeff, 11 Vuyani Maqina, 10 Robbie Petzer, 9 Mthokozisi Mkhabela, 8 Jasper Wiese, 7 Nicolaas Immelman, 6 Chris Dry (captain), 5 Carl Wegner, 4 Dennis Visser, 3 Luan de Bruin, 2 Reinach Venter, 1 Johan Kotze.
Replacements: 16 Joseph Dweba, 17 Gunther Janse van Vuuren, 18 Andrew Kuhn, 19 Jeremy Jordaan, 20 Daniel Maartens, 21 Juan-Philip Smith, 22 Stephan Janse van Rensburg.

Blue Bulls: 15 Warrick Gelant, 14 Duncan Matthews, 13 Burger Odendaal (captain), 12 JT Jackson, 11 Johnny Kotze, 10 Marnitz Boshoff, 9 Ivan van Zyl, 8 Nic de Jager, 7 Tim Agaba, 6 Marco van Staden, 5 Ruben van Heerden, 4 Ashton Fortuin, 3 Conraad van Vuuren, 2 Edgar Mautlulle, 1 Pierre Schoeman.
Replacements: 16 Johan Grobbelaar, 17 Matthys Basson, 18 Jano Venter, 19 Boom Prinsloo, 20 Piet van Zyl, 21 Tony Jantjies, 22 Ulrich Beyers.

Referee: Jaco van Heerden
Assistant referees: Ben Crouse, Darren Colby
TMO: Lourens van der Merwe

Saturday, October 7:

Pumas v Griquas
(Mbombela Stadium, Nelspruit - Kick-off: 14.00; 12.00 GMT)

In Nelspruit, the clash between the Pumas and Griquas on Saturday is expected to be equally thrilling, as a victory for the hosts could see them possibly work their way into the playoff contention or stay within pouncing distance of a top-four spot, while the visitors will desperate to win as a defeat will deal the killer blow to their hopes.
The men from Kimberley won three of their last four fixtures, while the Pumas emerged victorious in the outing between them in Kimberley in the first half of the competition.
Griquas, however, come off a morale-boosting victory against defending champions, the Free State Cheetahs, which they will want to build on, while they will also be fighting for survival, which could result in a nail-biting clash.
The Pumas made only one change to their starting team with hooker Marko Janse van Rensburg replacing Frankie Herne, who has been included among the replacements, while the Griquas made four personnel changes, which sees No.8 De Wet Kruger, lock Wandile Putuma, and wings Enver Brandt and Ederies Arendse earn starts.

Recent results:
2017: Pumas won 27-21, Kimberley
2016: Griquas won 41-35, Nelspruit
2015: Griquas won 32-15, Kimberley
2014: Griquas won 31-27, Kimberley
2014: Pumas won 33-15, Nelspruit

Prediction: We can't see the Pumas losing at home to Griquas. Pumas will win by 10 points.


Pumas: 15 Justin van Staden, 14 Jerome Pretorius, 13 Gerrit Smit, 12 Hennie Skorbinski (captain), 11 Ruwellyn Isbell, 10 Kobus Marais, 9 Stefan Ungerer, 8 Willie Engelbrecht, 7 Thembelani Bholi, 6 Brian Shabangu, 5 Hugo Kloppers, 4 Stefan Willemse, 3 Pieter Scholtz, 2 Marko Janse van Rensburg, 1 Kwezi Mona.
Replacements: 16 Frankie Herne, 17 De-Jay Terblanche, 18 Cameron Lindsay, 19 Hilton Lobberts, 20 Francois Kleinhans, 21 Theo Maree/Reynier van Rooyen, 22 Selom Gavor.

Griquas: 15 Adriaan Coertzen (captain), 14 Ederies Arendse, 13 Tertius Kruger, 12 Johnathan Francke, 11 Kyle Steyn, 10 George Whitehead, 9 Christiaan Meyer, 8 De Wet Kruger, 7 Sias Koen, 6 Wendal Wehr, 5 FP Pelser, 4 Wandile Putuma, 3 Stephan Kotze, 2 AJ Le Roux, 1 Liam Hendricks. 
Replacements: 16 Wilmar Arnoldi, 17 Marius Fourie, 18 Jonathan Adendorf, 19 Sintu Manjezi, 20 Shaun McDonald, 21 Renier Botha, 22 Andre Swarts.

Referee: Quinton Immelman
Assistant referees: Ricus van der Hoven, Des van Wyk
TMO: Willie Vos

Sunday, October 8:

Golden Lions v Western Province
(Ellis Park, Johannesburg - Kick-off: 14.30; 12.30 GMT)

The match between the Golden Lions and Western Province in Johannesburg on Sunday will also be gripping as both sides are currently in the top four, while the Capetonians will have the extra incentive of wanting to remain in second place on the standings for a possible home semifinal.

The hosts won three of their last four encounters, but the visitors registered a convincing 39-3 win against them in Cape Town in August. 

Adding to this Western Province have scored an impressive 101 points in their last two matches, meaning they will enter the match with self-belief.

Golden Lions coach Swys de Bruin and his Western Province counterpart John Dobson will announce their teams on Friday.

Western Province head coach Dawie Snyman knows that the Lions will be a lot tougher to beat this time around. 

"I think all the teams got better as the season went on," said Snyman. 

"The Lions after the Super Rugby Final, it took them two or three weeks to get themselves together as a squad and build momentum. 

"It will be a tough match on Sunday."

Recent results:
2017: Western Province 39-3, Cape Town
2016: Golden Lions won 58-32, Johannesburg
2015: Golden Lions won 32-24, Johannesburg (Final)
2015: Golden Lions won 62-32, Johannesburg 
2014: Western Province won 19-16, Cape Town (Final)

Prediction: Western Province will take this one by seven points or less.


Golden Lions: TBC

Western Province: TBC

Referee: AJ Jacobs
Assistant Referees: Stephan Geldenhuys, Paul Mente
TMO: Pro Legoete

Mc article lions v wp 800

Lion cubs stun seasoned Province

Sun, 08 Oct 2017 12:00

CURRIE CUP MATCH REPORT: The young Golden Lions upset the apple cart with an impressive 29-20 win over a seasoned Western Province at Ellis Park on Sunday.

The looming storm clouds - which ironically interrupted played through a typical Highveld thunderstorm just before the half-time break - should have been the first sign that the visitors faced doom.

The Cape Town outfit did not heed the warning - dominating the opening half to race into a 10-3 lead and held a 17-10 advantage at the break.

However, once the youngsters from Johannesburg - with half the team still qualified to play age-group rugby - got into their groove, they scored three unanswered second-half tries.

Not only did the result push the Lions back into the top four, with just one round of league action to go, but it saw WP leave Johannesburg without any points to show.

While the Sharks have secured first place on the standings, only two points separate Province in second place (32) and the Lions in fourth (30).

Province will require a victory against the Sharks in Durban next week to secure a semifinal spot.

The visitors opened the scoring at a rainy Ellis Park with an early penalty from flyhalf Robert du Preez and followed that up with the opening try - as Nizaam Carr finished off a flowing movement, which saw decisive touches from Ruhan Nel, EW Viljoen and Huw Jones.

The Golden Lions got on the scoreboard with a penalty of their own and were on level terms shortly afterwards through a well-worked try from Sylvian Mahuza.

Province hit back with a try from Du Preez, who dummied his way through a gap before the teams were forced off the field just before half-time due to a hail storm.

Du Preez kicked another penalty early in the second half, but those were to be the last points of the match for Western Province.

The hosts unleashed a series of determined raids - with three unanswered tries through Aphiwe Dyantyi (57th minute), replacement Robert Kruger (71st minute) and the match-winning score by Springbok centre Rohan Janse van Rensburg (77th minute ) - to secure the come-from-behind victory.

Man of the match: Huw Jones tested the Lions' defence and Robert du Preez dominate the game in the first half. Harold Vorster and Rohan Janse van Rensburg formed a very effective combination, Aphiwe Dyantyi scored a sublime try, Ashlon Davids produced his usual bag of trick and Marco Jansen van Vuren's service was back to the usual high quality we've come to expect of him. Jo Hanko de Villiers showed plenty of promise and Robbie Coetzee made a massive impact off the bench. However, the real magic came from Sevens Springbok Albertus Smith, who wins our award.

The scorers:

For the Golden Lions:
Mahuza, Dyantyi, Kruger, Van der Walt
Cons: Van der Walt 2, Davids
Pen: Van der Walt

For Western Province:
Carr, Du Preez
Cons: Du Preez 2
Pens: Du Preez 2


Golden Lions: 15 Jaco van der Walt, 14 Sylvian Mahuza, 13 Harold Vorster, 12 Rohan Janse van Rensburg, 11 Aphiwe Dyantyi, 10 Ashlon Davids, 9 Marco Jansen van Vuren, 8 Albert Smith, 7 Jo Hanko de Villiers, 6 Len Massyn, 5 Marvin Orie, 4 Andries Ferreira, 3 Jacques van Rooyen (captain), 2 Pieter Jansen, 1 Dylan Smith.
Replacements: 22 Jan-Louis la Grange, 21 Bradley Thain, 20 Hacjivah Dayimani, 19 Robert Kruger, 18 Rhyno Herbst, 17 Sithembiso Sithole, 16 Robbie Coetzee.

Western Province: 15 Damian Willemse, 14 Seabelo Senatla, 13 EW Viljoen, 12 Huw Jones, 11 Ruhan Nel, 10 Robert du Preez, 9 Dewaldt Duvenage, 8 Nizaam Carr, 7 Cobus Wiese, 6 Kobus van Dyk, 5 John Schickerling, 4 Chris van Zyl (captain), 3 Frans van Wyk, 2 Bongi Mbonambi, 1 Jacobus Janse van Rensburg.
Replacements: 16 Ramone Samuels, 17 Caylib Oosthuizen, 18 Jan de Klerk, 19 Sikhumbuzo Notshe, 20 Justin Phillips, 21 Werner Kok, 22 Craig Barry.

Referee: AJ Jacobs
Assistant referees: Stephan Geldenhuys, Paul Mente
TMO: Pro Legoete

Sylvian Mahuza (28min), Aphiwe Dyantyi (57min), Robert Kruger (71min), and Rohan Janse van Rensburg (77min)
Nizaam Carr (14min) and Robert du Preez (30min)
Jaco van der Walt (29min), Jaco van der Walt (58min), and Ashlon Davids (72min)
Robert du Preez (15min) and Robert du Preez (31min)
Jaco van der Walt (19min)
Robert du Preez (2min) and Robert du Preez (54min)
VENUE Johannesburg