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Super Rugby | Sydney
09:45 (GMT) | 20-04-2018
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Join us tomorrow when the Reds take on the Chiefs
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Scrum taken and the ball kicked into touch. FULL TIME
  • 79
The ball lost forward in contact and the Lions have a scrum at their 10
  • 78
The hosts with tit at the 10 now, desperately looking for something to show at this home game
  • 77
Jantjies adds the extras
  • 76
Schoeman gets it after the throw and he powers through the defensive line to score his first Super Rugby TRY
  • 75
The Lions have a line-out at the 22 of the Tahs
  • 74
The ball moved to the middle of the pitch and this time the Tahs get a scrum. The referee sounds his whistle for a penalty to the Lions
  • 73
Scrum to the Lions in the mid field
  • 72
Foley sending it to the opposite side of the pitch and the Tahs run it back to the half way before the referee halts play
  • 71
Lions with it now at the half way and the flyhalf boots it forward to the 22 of the hosts
  • 70
He takes his kick and puts on 3 more
  • 69
Another penalty to the Lions in the scrum and Jantjies look to the sticks for a penalty
  • 68
Scrum to the hosts at their 22
  • 67
The Tahs look to play out of danger trying to avoid the scrum. Beale eventually kicks into touch. Lions take the throw and try to fight their way forward but the Tahs there on the cover and win a penalty
  • 66
The referee calls play back for a line-out instead and the Lions have a throw at the 22. They make some ground with the maul then move it along the 5 but it's lost forward
  • 65
The ball is kicked forward and Janse van Rensburg bursts forward to pick it up but slips and his pass is knocked on. Scrum to the home team at their 22
  • 64
The Lions with a throw and a powerful maul shoving the Tahs back all the way to the half way from their 10
  • 63
Scrum to the Tahs outside the 5 and the Lions turnover and win a penalty
  • 62
Line-out to the Tahs at the 5 of the Lions now. They take it down and it's lost forward but they had an advantage and the referee calls it back. The ball is intercepted and lost forward in contact
  • 61
Scrum reset
  • 60
Scrum to the Lions at their 5
  • 59
The Lions steal the ball from the throw but lose it shortly after. Beale gets it at the 10 and runs it inside the 22. They make good progress but it's knocked-on
  • 58
Line-out to the Tahs at their 10
  • 57
The Lions fighting to make it over the line, throwing bodies at the ball. The referee says offside in the ruck. Penalty to the hosts and they get a chance to breathe outside their 22
  • 56
The Tahs defending at their 5 feeling pressured now as the Lions probe to the try line. Penalty and the Lions look for another scrum
  • 55
Scrum reset
  • 53
The visitors moving it along the 5 and are driven to the 22. The Tahs with another infringement and Lions call for a scrum
  • 52
The Lions win a penalty in the scrum and kick into touch outside the 5 of the Tahs
  • 51
Scrum to the Lions at the halfway after an error at the kickoff
  • 50
Jantjies prepares for another kick from a wide angle. He takes i and puts it through the middle
  • 48
The visitors pushing it forward at the 5 and Voster slips over the line to score a TRY
  • 47
The referee sounds his whistle for a penalty to Lions and Jantjies kicks into touch at the 22
  • 46
Lions defending at their 22 after the restart. They manage to defend and move to the half way
  • 45
Jantjies sends it wide
  • 43
Line-out to the hosts at the 5. Smith gets it and comes away from the maul. He runs it over the line and puts it down for a TRY
  • 42
The Lions break to the 5 but the Tahs make it back at the last to hold the line. The referee sounds his whistle for a penalty to the Lions at their 22
  • 41
The referee blows and the second half is underway

Half Time

  • 40
The referee halts play to end the half after the scrum. HALF TIME
  • 39
Line-out to the Lions outside the 22 of the hosts. The Tahs have it and look for a maul. The referee stops play. Scrum to the Lions
  • 38
Scrum to the Tahs at the 22 of the Lions. Jantjies kicks into touch as the referee says penalty in the scrum
  • 37
The referee halts play as the ball is lost forward in contact
  • 36
Foley has it and puts his toe to it for Rona to chase. They make their way to the 5 of the South African side but the ball is turned over and cleared
  • 35
The Lions clear and the Tahs have a throw at the 22 of the away team
  • 34
Scrum outside the 5 of the Lions for the visitors
  • 33
The Tahs in possession now and Gordon gets their attack underway. The ball is fumbled along the ground and Hooper is there to the rescue as he snatches it up. He drives his team forward to the 22 of the away team
  • 32
The Tahs fumble it and the Lions look to move forward with Mapoe. The ball lost forward in contact again. Scrum to the home team at their 22
  • 31
The ball lost forward by Marx as he looks to make a run along the wing. Scrum to the hosts
  • 30
The ball is kicked into touch and the Lions have a throw at the half way
  • 29
The Tahs break with pace after the scrum as Gordon rushes to the 22 of the visitors. The referee halts play for a penalty to the Lions
  • 28
The ball lost forward and the hosts have another scrum at their 10 this time around
  • 27
Line-out to the Lions at the 22 of the Tahs after a clearance
  • 25
Scrum to the hosts at their 5
  • 24
The Lions on the defence and a kick forward sends Tambwe along the wing but the referee says it's lost forward at the 5
  • 23
The reset kick is there and the Tahs looking to find the pressure they applied early on
  • 22
Jantjies adds the extras
  • 21
Combrinck gets it after loose ball. He offloads to Smith and they send it out wide for Tambwe who bags his first TRY of this game
  • 20
The Tahs have it at the half way now
  • 19
The Tahs have a line-out at their 22. They move it out the back and clear
  • 18
Scrum to the Lions
  • 17
The ball lost forward in contact at the half way
  • 16
Jantjies tosses a long pass for Combrinck but it goes straight into touch. Line-out for the Tahs
  • 14
The Lions defending inside their half and they win a penalty
  • 13
The hosts win a penalty and kick into touch at the 22 of the Lions
  • 12
Both teams trying to hold the other at the half way now
  • 11
Scrum to the home team at their 22
  • 10
They make some ground with the maul but it collapses and the referee says penalty to the hosts
  • 9
Line-out to the lions at the 22 of the Tahs now
  • 8
The Tahs come again really pressuring the Lions in the early minutes. Marx wins a turnover and Jantjies kicks but not into touch
  • 7
The hosts driving forward with Fitzpatrick as he enters the 5. They move it along the 5 now and the Lions manage to clear
  • 6
The Tahs clear the ball and Coetzee brings it down and runs it forward. The referee halts play for a penalty to the hosts
  • 5
The Lions manage to clear to the 10 of the hosts
  • 4
The Lions holding the hosts off at the 22 but the attacks becoming more aggressive as they probe to enter the danger zone
  • 3
Foley kicks into touch outside the 22 and the Tahs look to work their way forward now
  • 2
They move it up to the other side of the pitch but the referee calls play back for a penalty to the hosts
  • 1
The Lions win a scrum at the 22 of the Waratahs. The referee blows for an infringement and the Tahs kick into touch around the mid field
  • 0
The referee sounds his whistle and we're underway
  • -3
The players getting ready to leave the locker rooms now
  • -5
The Lions have won nine of their last 10 fixtures against Australian outfits, including their last six in a row. Taqele Naiyaravoro has the best average gain per carry (13 metres) of any player to make 25+ carries this season, crossing for seven tries across his last four outings
  • -10
The Waratahs are on a four-game winning run, the last time they went on a longer streak was a nine-game run which ended with victory in the 2014 Final
  • -15
The Lions have won their last two games against the Waratahs; they had won just one of eight meetings with the New South Wales side prior to that brace
  • -20
Welcome to Sydney for this thrilling encounter where the Lions tackle the Waratahs
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  • 1 Tom Robertson
  • 2 Damien Fitzpatrick
  • 3 Sekope Kepu
  • 4 Tom Staniforth
  • 5 Rob Simmons
  • 6 Ned Hanigan
  • 7 Michael Hooper
  • 8 Michael Wells
  • 9 Jake Gordon
  • 10 Bernard Foley
  • 11 Taqele . Naiyaravoro
  • 12 Kurtley Beale
  • 13 Curtis Rona
  • 14 Alex Newsome
  • 15 Bryce Hegarty
  • 16 Paddy Ryan
  • 17 Hugh Roach
  • 18 Harry Johnson-Holmes
  • 19 Nick Palmer
  • 20 Jed Holloway
  • 21 Will Miller
  • 22 Nick Phipps
  • 23 Lalakai Foketi
  • 1 Jacques van Rooyen
  • 2 Malcolm Marx
  • 3 Ruan Dreyer
  • 4 Andries Ferreira
  • 5 Marvin Orie
  • 6 Albertus Smith
  • 7 Franco Mostert
  • 8 Hacjivah Dayimani
  • 9 Dillon Smit
  • 10 Elton Jantjies
  • 11 Madosh Tambwe
  • 12 Harold Voster
  • 13 Lionel Mapoe
  • 14 Ruan Combrinck
  • 15 Andries Coetzee
  • 16 Robbie Coetzee
  • 17 Dylan Smith
  • 18 Jacobie Adriaanse
  • 19 Lourens Erasmus
  • 20 Marnus Schoeman
  • 21 Nic Groom
  • 22 Rohan Janse van Rensburg
  • 23 Sylvian Mahuza
Mc article super rugby round 10   part one 800

PREVIEW: Super Rugby, Round 10 - Part One

Wed, 18 Apr 2018 20:31

HITTING THE ROAD: Two desperate teams and one getting its first taste of touring this season.

Friday's action starts with an all-New Zealand derby, which pits the Blues against the Highlanders - the two lowest-placed teams in the New Zealand conference.

The Hurricanes top the Kiwi conference with 27 points, followed by the Crusaders (24), Chiefs (21), Highlanders (19) and Blues (12).

The Blues are out of the running, playing for pride only - unless something very dramatic happens. The Highlanders can still catch the leaders, but can't afford another defeat this weekend.

The other Friday match sees the Lions - neaten finalists the past two years - hot the road, a four-match tour that will define their season.

They start off against the Australian conference leaders, the Waratahs, in Sydney.

We take a look at the Friday matches!

Friday, April 20:

Blues v Highlanders
(Eden Park, Auckland - Kick-off: 19.35; 07.35 GMT)

The game starts a run of six games from seven for the Blues at Eden Park, with coach Tana Umaga wanting the team to take full advantage of being at home.

"We have been mostly on the road, with a tough two-game trip to South Africa and now a trip to Japan with a short turn-around," Umaga said of their first seven matches.

"But we are home at Eden Park in front of our fans and our families for the next few games.

"We want to make this our fortress in the coming weeks starting on Friday."

The Blues' depth has been tested this season, with 18 players out injured.

However, Umaga was adamant it should not be a factor.

"All of the teams have injuries and we are no different," the coach said.

"But it gives opportunities for other players to stand up and bring some real enthusiasm to our team.

"We have improved over the last two weeks and once again we have to step up again to another level in every facet of our game.

"Our record against other New Zealand team is well documented so we want to make to make our homecoming a special one."

The Highlanders are certainly wary of a side whose results are not a reflection of their capabilities.

"They're a good side, they've got some outstanding players," Highlanders assistant coach Glenn Delaney said if a team with just two wins in seven starts.

"Some of the results haven't necessarily gone their way, but it doesn't make them an easy proposition at all," he said.

"They've got threats across the park, they've got good structure, [Stephen] Perofeta has come back and is playing really well for them so they're a challenge and they're a team on their home patch you have to prepare very well and diligently for.

"We know it's going to be a hell of a task for us."

Recent results:
2018: Highlanders won 41-34, Dunedin
2017: Highlanders won 26-20, Dunedin
2017: Highlanders won 16-12, Auckland
2016: Blues won 33-31, Auckland
2015: Highlanders won 44-7, Auckland
2015: Highlanders won 30-24, Dunedin

Prediction: The Highlanders have won nine of their last 12 games against the Blues, including each of their last three on the bounce; never have they won four in a row against the Auckland club. Indeed, the Highlanders are looking for back-to-back away wins against the Blues for the first time in Super Rugby, after a 16-12 win at Eden Park last term. The Blues are winless in 14 New Zealand derbies. However, their last such win did come in a home game against the Highlanders (February 2016). The Blues have the best success rates at both the line-out (91 percent) and scrum (94 percent) this season, however, they also have the worst tackle success rate (81 percent). Three of the six players to make the most tackles this season play for the Highlanders; Luke Whitelock (90, third-most), Thomas Franklin (86, fifth) and Dillon Hunt (85, sixth). Yes, the Blues have a realistic chance, but don't your house on it. The Highlanders should win by 12 points.


Blues: 15 Stephen Perofeta, 14 Jordan Hyland, 13 Orbyn Leger, 12 Tinoai Faiane, 11 Rieko Ioane, 10 Bryn Gatland, 9 Jonathan Ruru, 8 Akira Ioane, 7 Kara Pryor, 6 Dalton Papalii, 5 Jimmy Tupou, 4 Patrick Tuipulotu, 3 Ofa Tu'ungafasi/Mike Tamoaieta, 2 James Parsons (captain), 1 Pauliasi Manu.
Replacements: 16 Matt Moulds/Leni Apisai, 17 Ross Wright, 18 Mike Tamoaieta/Sione Mafileo, 19 Ben Neenee, 20 Murphy Taramai, 21 Sam Nock, 22 Tumua Manu, 23 Matt Duffie.

Highlanders: 15 Ben Smith, 14 Waisake Naholo, 13 Rob Thompson, 12 Teihorangi Walden, 11 Tevita Li, 10 Lima Sopoaga, 9 Kayne Hammington, 8 Luke Whitelock, 7 Dillon Hunt, 6 Shannon Frizell, 5 Tom Franklin, 4 Jackson Hemopo, 3 Siate Tokolahi, 2 Ash Dixon, 1 Daniel Lienert-Brown.
Replacements: 16 Liam Coltman, 17 Aki Seiuli, 18 Tyrel Lomax, 19 Alex Ainley, 20 Elliot Dixon, 21 Aaron Smith, 22 Fletcher Smith, 23 Matt Faddes.

Referee: Marius van der Westhuizen
Assistant referees: Angus Mabey, Mike Lash
TMO: Ben Skeen

Waratahs v Lions
(Allianz Stadium, Sydney - Kick-off: 19.45; 11.45 SA Time; 09.45 GMT)

The Waratahs are expecting a huge physical onslaught from the Lions, South Africa's premier team for the last three years.

Waratahs coach Daryl Gibson said that is the reason why he named six forwards and just two backs on the bench.

"The reasons for that is we see this game being extremely physical and we wanted to have some bigger bodies in our forward pack to cater for the big South African forward pack that will be presented on Friday," Gibson said.

"We see that while the Lions have a real strength in their scrum, we have also opted to cover some injury concerns going into this game with a bolstered [six forwards and two backs] bench.

"It's always a risk going six-two, because you're one short in the backs, but we are willing to take that risk in preparation to what we see is going to be a hugely physical encounter.

"While we are one of the smaller packs going around, we are punching above our weight and we have certainly cleaned up our vulnerabilities in terms of stopping line-out drives.

"We see that as a real strength the Lions possess, and something we are going to have to be very good in stopping on Friday,"

The visitors have won just one of their last three matches and are desperate to collect as many points as they can on the Australian leg of a road trip that will also see them take on the Reds, Hurricanes and Highlanders.

Lions coach Swys de Bruin said his charges are "fresh and ready to tour", after last week's bye.

"This year the tour is a bit more challenging," De Bruin said - comparing it to 2017 when they had a three-match tour to Australia, which started in Perth, and faced no New Zealand teams.

"There is also the additional two-hour timezone change, when we head to New Zealand."

The Lions, who travelled only on Tuesday and arrived in Sydney on Wednesday, did most of their preparation at home - in an attempt to beat the jet lag bug.

"The style they [the Waratahs] play is an all-round brand," Fe Bruin said.

"They have a good scrum. And, with the likes of [Bernard] Foley and that monster wing [Taqele Naiyaravoro], they have a balanced team.

"They have made the [step] up and it shows in their results."

Recent results:
2017: Lions won 55-36, Johannesburg
2015: Lions won 27-22, Johannesburg
2014: Waratahs won 41-13, Sydney
2011: Waratahs won 29-12, Sydney
2010: Waratahs won 73-12, Sydney

Prediction: The Lions have won their last two games against the Waratahs; they had won just one of eight meetings with the New South Wales side prior to that brace. The Waratahs are on a four-game winning run, the last time they went on a longer streak was a nine-game run which ended with victory in the 2014 Final. The Lions have won nine of their last 10 fixtures against Australian outfits, including their last six in a row. Taqele Naiyaravoro has the best average gain per carry (13 metres) of any player to make 25+ carries this season, crossing for seven tries across his last four outings. Malcolm Marx has won a competition-high 12 turnovers so far, 10 of which have been jackals. The Lions have an excellent chance to win - they have the talent and skills. However, their inconsistency this season - with their best performances coming against South African teams - suggest the vastly improved Waratahs will sneak a win, by seven points.


Waratahs: 15 Bryce Hegarty, 14 Alex Newsome, 13 Curtis Rona, 12 Kurtley Beale, 11 Taqele Naiyaravoro, 10 Bernard Foley, 9 Jake Gordon, 8 Michael Wells, 7 Michael Hooper (Captain), 6 Ned Hanigan, 5 Rob Simmons, 4 Tom Staniforth, 3 Sekope Kepu, 2 Damien Fitzpatrick, 1 Tom Robertson.
Replacements: 16 Hugh Roach, 17 Harry Johnson-Holmes, 18 Paddy Ryan, 19 Nick Palmer, 20 Jed Holloway, 21 Will Miller, 22 Nick Phipps, 23 Lalakai Foketi

Lions: 15 Andries Coetzee, 14 Ruan Combrinck, 13 Lionel Mapoe, 12 Harold Vorster, 11 Madosh Tambwe, 10 Elton Jantjies, 9 Dillon Smit, 8 Hacjivah Dayimani, 7 Francois Mostert (captain), 6 Albertus Smith, 5 Marvin Orie, 4 Andries Ferreira, 3 Ruan Dreyer, 2 Malcolm Marx, 1 Jacques van Rooyen.
Replacements: 16 Robbie Coetzee, 17 Dylan Smith, 18 Jacobie Adriaanse, 19 Lourens Erasmus, 20 Marnus Schoeman, 21 Nicholas Groom, 22 Rohan Janse van Rensburg, 23 Sylvian Mahuza.

Referee: Mike Fraser (New Zealand)
Assistant referees: Damon Murphy (Australia), Graham Cooper (Australia)
TMO: George Ayoub (Australia

Compiled by Jan de Koning

* Statistics provided by Opta Sports

Madosh Tambwe (21min), Albertus Smith (43min), Harold Voster (48min), and Marnus Schoeman (76min)
Elton Jantjies (22min), Elton Jantjies (50min), and Elton Jantjies (77min)
Elton Jantjies (70min)
VENUE Sydney
REFEREE Mike Fraser