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Tue, 26 Dec 2017 10:00
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WATCH AS, With 2017 nearing an end, we look back at some of the highlights & most viewed media clips from the past year.

It includes a Lions Tour diary and AK 47 assault rifles required to quell an all-out brawl.

Eden Park Showdown

Our list starts way back in June. All eyes were on Eden Park ahead of the first test between the Lions and All Blacks. However, another high-profile event was taking place on the hallowed turf before kick-off. Two heavyweights (literally, not metaphorically) of the international game were battling it out for bragging rights.


The Rise of Georgian Rugby

Georgia is a growing force in the world of rugby and had it not been for some underhanded tactics from the Welsh coaching set-up, they would probably still be celebrating their first ever draw against a Tier 1 nation. Regardless, they’re on the right track and with support like this, it won’t be too long before Tiblisi becomes a more regular destination for top-tier rugby.


All Black Backline in the Making

The conveyor belt of talent coming from New Zealand is the envy of every other rugby nation on the planet. Here are some of the up and coming stars currently making their way through the system. It won’t be too long before some of these players are lining out for the All Blacks.


Respect in Rugby

Rugby is generally associated with respect and this video sums thing up nicely when it comes to our great game.


Angus Gardner

While Nigel Owens may be the jester of the North, Angus Garnder is making a name for himself south of the equator. His interactions with players and commitment to a ‘slide and see’ make him our favourite whistleblower of the year.



Australia’s Future

Australian rugby has been in turmoil for the past few years with playing numbers falling and results not going their way, but seeing talent like this come through the ranks should give Wallaby fans hope. Meet Jangala Bennett


The Beauty of 7’s From the Sky

Last up, the great game of sevens. The natural flow of play from the air is mesmerising and demonstrates just how difficult it is to contain players with so much space on offer.

All out Brawl in PNG

What’s the opposite of respect? Brawling fans, players and police officers with AK47’s on the pitch of course. This is the fallout from a very ill-tempered rugby league semi-final match in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Source: RugbyPass