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Law discussion: A luta continua

OPINION: rugby365's law guru Paul Dobson looks at the ongoing problems, following yet another round of ugly, dangerous scrumming.

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Law discussion: Offside in in-goal

There was an unusual penalty try at Newlands on Saturday when the Stormers played the Sharks, law expert Paul Dobson takes a closer look.

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Law Discussions

Scrum Watch

This is a bit late this week, which is a pity as there was some promising scumming last weekend which suggests that the scrum in rugby union football may survive after all.

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Five Bones of Contention

There has been much angry shouting following the match between the Bulls and the Sharks on Saturday, with five bones of contention.

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Law discussion: Mexican standoff

This occurs in rugby when one side wants to maul and the other refuses to join the fun, most obviously at a line-out.

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Law discussion: Scrums vs high octane

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: rugby365 law guru Paul Dobson takes a look at scrums, the nadir of Super Rugby's Round Two action!

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Law Discussion: Simultaneously

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: rugby365 law guru Paul Dobson takes a look at Bulls lock Grant Hattingh's almost try against the Hurricanes.

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Law discussion: Getting it wrong

Super Rugby started this weekend past and the concentration was on the players and the surprising results rather than on anything referees did.

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Law discussion: 2 YC = 1 RC

It happened twice this week - once in the Varsity Cup and once in Super Rugby. The one in Varsity Cup raised eyebrows.

Law Discussion: TMO phases

The score is 18-16 to England with five minutes or so left and England are on the attack. A try would make the game safe.

Law discussion: Prop suicide

Are prop forwards in the process of committing suicide, of making such a constant mess that they are in danger of being written out of the game?

Law Discussion: Maul over

Commentators tell the world and the world believes. This is a pity when it comes to the laws of rugby for the commentators often get it wrong.

Law Discussion: Touch or not

Touchline decisions are often difficult, it is not just the law but the judgement required while a replay is there to show that the assistant referee was wrong.

Law Discussion: late tackle option

Not that it's new, but an incident in the match between Bath and Exeter Chiefs aroused interest, because it was surprising.

Law Discussion: the standing tackle

Tackle is a difficult word in that it can have more than one meaning.

Law Discussion: Air collisions

It is common knowledge that rugby nowadays forbids playing a player who is in the air. This led to the IRB (now World Rugby) to amplify the law a bit.

Law Discussion: Maul tactics

The maul from a line-out was a great South African weapon. They developed it first and used it most profitably. Until November, that is. 

Law discussion: Who put it out?

There were similar incidents in two of the weekend's Test matches with different outcomes. They were, note, similar but not the same.