Law Discussions


Law Discussion: Air collisions

It is common knowledge that rugby nowadays forbids playing a player who is in the air. This led to the IRB (now World Rugby) to amplify the law a bit.

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Law Discussion: Maul tactics

The maul from a line-out was a great South African weapon. They developed it first and used it most profitably. Until November, that is. 

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Law discussion: Who put it out?

There were similar incidents in two of the weekend's Test matches with different outcomes. They were, note, similar but not the same.

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Law discussion: Who is to blame?

rugby365 law guru Paul Dobson takes a look at the reasons for the anger, with righteous indignation, hurled at Irish referee George Clancy.

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Law discussion: Make them the same

OPNION: rugby365 law guru Paul Dobson takes a look at what may simply be beyond the capability of a single human being.

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Law Discussion: Touch and go

rugby365 law guru Paul Dobson looks at an incident that caused some consternation where it should not have - a try by Pumas against the the Cheetahs.

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Law Discussion: Tries at Craven Week

At the end of Craven Week we received a 'question' from a reader about two tries. Because the reader's assertions are interesting, we discuss them.

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Law discussion: Too much discussion

Are we on the verge of retrogression - or at least to the days before 1892 when deciding a match could take a long time, years in one notorious case?

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Law Discussion: Two tries in Nelspruit

There is always something to discuss after a rugby Test match, especially one as thrilling as the clash between the Springboks and Wales in Nelspruit.

Law Discussion: That conversion

The Highlanders beat the Lions by one point in Dunedin. rugby365 law guru Paul Dobson looks at the referee's contentious decision.

Law Discussion: Rebels try no bonus

It sounds a silly question. But is touching your boot to a ball a kick? rugby365 law guru Paul Dobson discusses a contentious Rebels try.

Law discussion: Two Super incidents

rugby365 law guru Paul Dobson looks at two incidents from Super Rugby in the last two weeks, which caused debate, argument and even acrimony.

Law discussion: Hogg's cards

Don't ever believe that you have seen it all. the incident involving the upgrading of the sanction on Stuart Hogg of Scotland is possibly unique in the annals of Test rugby.

Law discussion: If the TMO disagreed

rugby365 law guru Paul Dobson looks at what he feels must be the most bizarre incident since the use of the TMO was introduced.

Law Discussion: Foot on the line

Twice over the weekend there were incidents which looked similar but had different outcomes. Law guru Paul Dobson looks at them.

Law Discussion: Reinach's try

Cobus Reinach's try at Kings Park was a situation when for many people the decision was right or wrong depending on the team they were supporting.

Two referees and 32 tries

It may not be cause and effect, but it is a fact that in the four Varsity Cup matches on Monday, each refereed by two referees, 32 tries were scored.

How does PSCA work?

rugby365 law guru Paul Dobson takes a look at how the Pitch Side Concussion Assessment works.