The Laws

The Laws

The Object of the Game

The Object of the Game is that two teams of fifteen, ten or seven players each, observing fair play according to the Laws...

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The Laws

Your FAQs on rugby

There is not definitive history of where rugby came from or when or how. The game is likely to have started as an amalgamation of soccer and other games.

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The Laws

Seven-a-side variations

The Laws of the Game apply to the Seven-a-side game, but are subject to certain variations.

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The Laws

Under-19 variations

There are also a few variations at the Under-19 level of rugby union.

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The Laws


What are the various definitions in rugby? We have all that and more.

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The Laws

Law 1 - Ground

Law One of rugby union deals with basic things... like the ground we play on.

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The Laws

Law 2 - The ball

The ball is an important part of rugby. We give you all the important dimensions.

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The Laws

Law 3 - Number of players - The team

How many players are allowed in a rugby team? Find out more...

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Law 4 - Players' clothing

We give you the lowdown on rugby players' clothing.

Law 5 - Time

Rugby union matches last eighty minutes. What about half- and extra-time? Timing in rugby union.

Law 6 - Match officials

You need a referee to officiate in rugby union. But what are all their duties during a match?

Law 7 - Mode of play

A rugby match is started with a kick-off. What then?

Law 8 - Advantage

The law of advantage takes precedence over most other laws and its purpose is to make play more continuous with fewer stoppages for infringements.

Law 9 - Method of scoring

There are various ways to score points in rugby union.

Law 10 - Foul play

Foul play is anything a person does within the playing enclosure that is against the letter and spirit of the Laws of the Game.

Law 11 - Off-side and on-side in general play

At the start of a game all players are on-side. As the match progresses players may find themselves in an off-side position.

Law 12 - Knock-on or throw-forward

A knock-on occurs when a player loses possession of the ball and it goes forward. There are other ways for a knock-on to occur.

Law 13 - Kick-off and restart kicks

The kick-off occurs at the start of the match and the re-start of the match after half-time. Re-start kicks occur after a score or a touch down.