Fri 11 Jan 2013 | 04:00

SA law changes for 2013

SA law changes for 2013
Fri 11 Jan 2013 | 04:00

SA law changes for 2013


André Watson, the SARU manager in charge of refereeing in South Africa, has issued a summary of law changes applicable in South Africa in 2013, that is to senior rugby.

1. Players nominated as substitute

Law 3.4:

23 players allowed in international matches (test matches only)

2. Players clothing

Law 4:

The use of GPS equipment will continue.

Law 4.2 Special Additional items of clothing for women
Female players may wear cotton blend long tights under their shorts.


Law 4.3

The single stud in front of a boot is allowed as long as it complies to Regulation 12 of the IRB. The regulation ;lays down that studs must not be longer than 21 mm, and must not have any burring or sharp edges.

The single stud at the front of the boot was banned in the 1980s.

3. Referee consulting others

Law 6.A.6 (b)

The TMO trial as played in Currie Cup last year to be played in 2013.

4. Taking a conversion kick

Law 9.B.1

The kick must be taken within one minute and 30 seconds (90 seconds in total) of a try being scored, even if the ball rolls over and is placed again. (Referees are to be vigilant with opposition players delaying the ball by throwing it into touch or similar)

5. Outcome of a knock-on or throw forward

Law 12.1

Knock-on or throw forward into to touch. When the ball goes into touch from a knock-on or throw forward, the non-offending team will be offered the choice of a line-out at the point the ball crossed the touch line, or a scrum at the place of the knock-on or throw forward. The non-offending team may exercise this option by taking a quick throw-in.

This may suit a team struggling in the scrum.

6.  Unsuccessful end to a ruck

Law 16.7

When the ball is available to be played in a ruck the referee will call “use it”. The team then has five seconds to clear/use it or risk conceding a scrum to the opposition. The time is taken from the referee's call.

6. Quick throw-in

For a quick throw-in, the player may be anywhere outside the field of play between the line of touch (the place where the assistant referee/touch judges indicates as the place of the line-out) and the player’s goal-line.

7. Forming a scrum

Law 20.1 (g)

The referee will call “crouch”, then “touch”. The props touch as before and withdraw their arms. The referee will then call “set”.

8. Penalty and Free Kick options

Law 21.4

Line-out Alternative. A team awarded a penalty or a free kick at a line-out may choose a further line-out, they throw-in. This is in addition to the scrum option.


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