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Sat 16 Sep 2017 | 01:21

Player Ratings: Argentina Stutter Again

Player Ratings: Argentina Stutter Again
Sat 16 Sep 2017 | 01:21

Player Ratings: Argentina Stutter Again


Los Pumas had a tremendous start, but seemed to have hit a huge speedbump as the game progressed.

Fantasy Rugby Expert Andrew Robert Howitt rates the Argentinean players!

15 Emiliano Boffelli:
Couple runs from the back as he looked to get involved. Didn’t do anything outstanding but was solid at the back.  

14 Matías Moroni:
Made good steal won a penalty for his team with the Wallabies on their line, however, he made a couple handling errors but did line break that brought him close in the first half. Was a passenger for most of the second half before he showed a moment of excellence with a chip, chase and regather that resulted in a great try

13 Matias Orlando:
Made a couple runs midfield but failed to make any breaks, standard performance from the centre who failed to put his mark on the match. Similar to that of his centre partner, he didn’t do anything exceptional, but he didn’t mess up.

12 Jerónimo de la Fuente:
Adequate performance, solid player who gave his all in a workmanlike showing, didn’t do anything exceptional but didn’t mess up either

11 Ramiro Moyano:
Remained a passenger on the wing for most of the game.

10 Nicolás Sánchez:
Goal-kicking was decent, he missed a tough penalty but landed the easier ones, no creativity added to the game. Kicked a lot of balls away with aimless kicking.

9 Martin Landajo:
Good service from scrumhalf, scored a nice trademark Landajo show and go try which we have got used to over the past few years.

8 Tomas Lezana
Great couple of runs during the game, busted a couple tackles and had a good performance.Busted a lot of tackles and was the best player in the first half. Came really close to scoring in the second half and continued his impressive display in a losing team.

7 Javier Ortega Desio:
Hardworking performance as part of a hardworking back row. Most of his work was off the ball but his efforts cannot be faulted

6 Pablo Matera:
A hard-working performance from the flank, made a big defensive effort along with a couple good runs and steals made for his team.

5 Matías Alemanno:
Was used effectively at the lineout and in the tight play, most of his work was to hit the rucks

4 Guido Petti:
Decent jumper at lineouts for Argentina was their main go-to man and cannot be faulted as a lineout target. He also made a couple good runs for the visitors and can be happy with his performance

3 Nahuel Tatez Chaparro:
Big effort up front, made a couple runs and had a decent performance

2 Agustín Creevy (captain):
Accurate lineout throwing and a couple runs, a typical hardworking performance from the classy hooker  

1 Lucas Noguera Paz:
Good effort at scrum time, however, he didn’t influence the game in any other way but did what he’s meant to do and that’s scrum.


16 Julian Montoya (on for Creevy, 65 mins):
Had no influence on the game as his side were completely on the back foot at this stage.

17 Santiago García Botta : (did not come on)

18 Enrique Pieretto (on for Chaparro, 65 mins):
Struggled once he came on, got pinged at the scrum multiple times and got a yellow card

19 Marcos Kremer (on for Petti, 70 mins):
Not enough time to be rated

20 Juan Martin Leguizamon (on for Matera, 64 mins):
Had no effect on the game at all, just tackled, tackled, tackled.

21 Tomas Cubelli (on for Landajo, 62 mins )
His team was on the backfoot for the duration he was on the field, he didn’t see much ball at all and hence the low score

22 Santiago González Iglesias (Did not come on)

23 Manuel Montero (on fo Ramiro Moyano, 41 mins):
Made a run or two but didn’t really do much more

By Andrew Robert Howitt


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