Sat 14 Jul 2012 | 09:31

CW: Final Day's results

CW: Final Day's results
Sat 14 Jul 2012 | 09:31

CW: Final Day's results


The final day of Craven Week in Port Elizabeth saw victories for the Griffons, Namibia, SWD, Limpopo and Western Province with the Final still to come.

Final day's results

South Western Districts vs Boland, 20-10
Griffons vs Griquas Country Districts, 34-5
Namibia vs Zimbabwe, 28-7
Western Province vs Pumas, 29-14
Limpopo vs Border, 20-7
Free State vs Valke, 30-5
Eastern Province vs KwaZulu-Natal, 27-24
Blue Bulls vs Golden Lions, 47-0

Two matches were cancelled because the field was waterlogged – Griquas vs Border Country Districts and Eastern Province Country Districts vs Leopards.

Western Province vs Pumas, 29-14

The scorers:

For Western Province:
Tries: Cox 2, Schoonraad, Worrall 2
Cons: Du Plessis 2

For the Pumas:
Tries: Arnoldi, Gouws
Cons: Thompson

Limpopo vs Border, 20-7

The scorers:

For Border:
Try: Jho
Con: Sihunu

For Limpopo
Tries: Dreyer, Molapo, Pinto
Con: S Scholtz
Pen: S Scholtz

South Western Districts vs Boland, 20-10

The scorers:

For South Western Districts:
Tries: Coetzee, Schoeman, Vermeulen
Cons: Gelant
Pen: Gelant

For Boland:
Try: Boonzaaier
Con: Willemse
Pen: Hugo

Namibia vs Zimbabwe, 28-7

The scorers:

For Namibia:
Tries: Visser 2, Feris, Conradie
Cons: Aries 3, Visser

For Zimbabwe:
Try: Burnett
Con: Gona

The week's results

Day 1
Eastern Province vs Valke, 41-17
KwaZulu-Natal vs Free State, 48-24
Golden Lions vs Border, 29-14
Boland vs Griquas, 16-12
Leopards vs Namibia, 36-29

Day 2
Blue Bulls vs Western Province, 47-27
Pumas vs Griffons, 48-24
South Western Districts vs Limpopo, 46-18
Eastern Province Country Districts vs Griquas Country Districts, 28-27
Zimbabwe vs Border Country Districts, 31-9

Day 3
Golden Lions vs KwaZulu-Natal, 17-8
Eastern Province vs Boland. 22-13
Free State vs Border, 14-9
Valke vs Leopards, 38-5
Namibia vs Griquas, 29-15

Day 4
Blue Bulls vs Pumas, 36-10
Western Province vs South Western Districts, 39-33
Griffons vs Eastern Province Country Districts, 33-28
Limpopo vs Zimbabwe, 68-21
Griquas Country Districts vs Border Country Districts, 38-5

PV: 8
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