Fri 4 Aug 2017 | 07:37

Grey go up to Grey

Grey go up to Grey
Fri 4 Aug 2017 | 07:37

Grey go up to Grey


It is a wonderfully brave and enthusiastic coming together of the two 19th century foundations. Younger brother Grey High (founded 1856) will go up by bus from Port Elizabeth to older brother Grey College (founded 1855). The great bus trek starts for some on Thursday, for most on Friday, and they start the long journey home on Saturday evening.

It is a great trek – 26 rugby teams, 18 hockey teams and those taking part in golf, tennis, debating, chess and squash, plus lots of staff. Their are primary school boys in on the journey as well.

It is a great logistic feat and a huge tribute to those of both schools involved. You can't beat an enthusiastic schoolmaster. All half-day teachers should blush.

There are many competitions but, as always, the one that counts and determines victory or defeat is the 1st XV match. Down the years Grey Bloem, as the College is often called, has ruled.

Season So Far

They both have excellent sides.

Grey Bloem have played 10 matches, winning eight. Grey Port Elizabeth have played 13 matches, winning 10 and drawing one.

Grey Bloem are ranked 10th on the Schools Top 20, Grey Port Elizabeth 14th, a negligible difference amongst the hundreds of rugby schools in South Africa

Grey Bloem will have played fewer match because in mid year their commitment is to the Free State schools sides.

Grey Bloem have played six teams ranked in the Top 20, Grey Port Elizabeth three. 

The two schools have only one opponent in common – Maritzburg College. Both beat College, Grey Bloem 30-3, Grey Port Elizabeth 27-19


Grey Bloem's players are eligible for Free State schools teams, Grey Port Elizabeth for Eastern Province. Both schools' players have given generously to their provinces. Grey College, as usual, dominate Free State teams with 24 players in the two Under-18 teams.

Craven Week

Grey Bloem: David Kriel, Henk Cilliers, Janco van Heyningen, Rikus Pretorius, Wycliff Vlitoor, Christopher Schreuder, Ross Braude, Arno Nieuwoudt, Marcel Theunissen, De Wet Marais, Naudé Naudé, 2 Ru-hann Greyling, Luke Janse van Vüren, Herman Agenbag, Lebo Molefe

Grey PE: Ayabonga Matroos, Waqar Solaan, Bevan Prinsloo, Lacken Gray, Ruan Jonker, John Allison, Dumisa Ngcivana, Kholiwe Konza

Academy Week

Grey Bloem: Hanno Rossouw, MJ Odendaal, Zander du Plessis, Wiaan Marais,  Schalk Vermaak, Jaap van Zyl, John-Henry Fincham, DC Odendaal, WJ de Jager 

Grey PE: Travis de Bruin, James Scott, Runaldo Pedro

SA Schools

Grey Bloem: Ruhann Greyling, Rikus Pretorius, Christopher Schreuder. Janco van Heyningen played in 2016.


Grey College: 15 David Kriel, 14 Wycliff Vlitoor, 13 Henk Cilliers, 12 Rikus Pretorius, 11 Janco van Heyningen, 10 Christopher Scxhreuder, 9 Ross Braude, 8 Arno Nieuwoudt, 7 Marcel Theunissen, 6 Jaap van Zyl, 5 De Wet Marais, 4 Handré Roux, 3 Herman Agenbach, 2 Ru-Hann Greyling, 1 Wiehan Marais

Grey High: 

Date: 5 August 2017
1st XV kick-off: 14.30
Venue: Grey College, Bloemfonbtein
Expected weather conditions: Sunny with a high of 21°C and a cold low of 1°C

Rugby Programme

Main Field
08.30: Under-14A 
09.45: Under-15A 
11.00: Under-16A 
12.15: Under-13A 
13.15: 2nd XV
14.30: 1st XV

08.30: 5th XV 
09.45: 3rd XV 
11.00: 6th XV 
12.15: 4th XV 

08.30: Under-16D 
09.45: Under-14C 
11.00: Under-16C 
12.15: Under-15B 

08.30: Under-16B 
09.45: Under-15C 
11.00: Under-16C
12.15: Under-15B

11.00: Under-14 E 
12.15: Under-14 D 

Tom Mix A
08.30: Under-11D 
09.15: Under-11C 
10.45: Under-11A 

Tom Mix B
08.30: Under-13E
09.15: Under-13C
10.45: Under-13B

Results Down the Years

1929: Grey Bloem won 16-0
1930: Grey Bloem won 9-7
1953: Grey Bloem won 13-3
1963: Draw 8-8
1968: Draw 5-5
1972: Grey Bloem won
1973: Draw
1976: Grey PE won 13-12
1977: Grey Bloem won 21-18
1978: Grey PE won 19-17
1979: Grey Bloem won 28-6
1980: Grey Bloem won 24-12
1981: Grey Bloem won 30-7
1982: Grey Bloem won 27-9
1983: Grey Bloem won 30-3
1984: Grey PE won 18-10
1985: Grey Bloem won 41-12
1986: Grey Bloem won 26-6
1987: Grey Bloem won 57-0
1988: Grey Bloem won 16-9
1989: Grey Bloem won 39-17
1990: Draw 6-6
1991: Grey Bloem won 32-7
1992: Grey PE won 20-16
1993: Grey Bloem won 38-3
1994: Grey PE won 18-10
1995: Grey Bloem won 38-10
1996: Grey PE won 13-3
1997: Grey Bloem won 23-13
1998: Grey Bloem won 10-3
1999: Grey Bloem won 39-6
2000: Grey Bloem won 31-6
2001: Grey Bloem won 18-15
2002: Grey Bloem won 41-3
2003: Grey Bloem won 51-6
2004: Grey PE won 17-14
2005: Grey Bloem won 22-16
2006: Grey Bloem won 34-21
2007: Grey Bloem won 44-26
2008: Grey Bloem won 22-17
2009: Grey Bloem won 16-0
2010: Grey Bloem won 38-8
2011: Grey Bloem won 69-21
2012: Grey Bloem won 22-3
2013: Grey Bloem won 50-21
2014: Grey PE won 27-20
2015: Grey Bloem won 34-22
2016: Grey Bloem won 33-7

PV: 62
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