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Tue 23 Oct 2012 | 12:42

Kempton win Sevens at Monnas

Kempton win Sevens at Monnas
Tue 23 Oct 2012 | 12:42

Kempton win Sevens at Monnas


In the last of the @lantic Sevens Series tournaments at schools, Kempton Park beat the hosts Monnas in the Final to win.

At each tournament a play of the tournament is chosen who will be involved in international competition later in the year. This time the player of the tournament was Jako van der Walt of Monument.

 Pool Results

Monument vs St Stithians, 35-7
HTS Middelburg vs Garsfontein, 19-14
Bekker vs Randburg, 28-14
Bastion vs Marais Viljoen, 24-17
Florida vs Menlopark, 33-12
Kempton Park vs Waterkloof, 26-19
Eldoraigne vs Krugersdorp High, 24-5
Rustenburg vs HTS Nic Diederichs, 19-7
HTS Middelburg vs Bastion, 40-19
Monument vs Bekker, 35-7
Garsfontein vs Bekker, 31-5
St Stithians vs Randburg, 19-5
Kempton Park vs HTS Nic Diederichs, 47-0
Menlopark vs Krugersdorp High, 36-5
Waterkloof vs Rustenburg, 31-7
Florida vs Eldoraigne, 7-0
Monument vs Randburg, 24-15
Garsfontein vs Bastion, 31-7
Florida vs Krugersdorp High, 14-5
Waterkloof vs HTS Nic Diederichs, 48-0
St Stithians vs Bekker, 26-10
HTS Middelburg vs Marais Viljoen, 29-0
Menlopark vs Eldoraigne, 24-14
Kempton Park vs Rustenburg, 19-15


Marais Viljoen vs Randburg, 46-14
HTS Nic Diederichs vs Krugersdorp High, 15-12

Bekker vs Bastion, 12-7
Eldoraigne vs Rustenburg, 25-19

Garsfontein vs St Stithians, 45-7
Waterkloof vs Menlopark, 26-7

Monument vs HTS Middelburg, 19-17
Kempton Park vs Florida, 27-12


 Kempton Park vs Monument, 22-14
Garsfontein vs Waterkloof, 36-19
 Eldoraigne vs Bekker, 28-19
Marais Viljoen vs  HTS Nic Diedericks, 38-0

PV: 6
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