Wed 3 Apr 2013 | 07:33

U15s at Hilton Results

U15s at Hilton Results
Wed 3 Apr 2013 | 07:33

U15s at Hilton Results


The Independent Schools Under-15 Tournament started at Hilton College on Wednesday, 3 April 2013. Each team is playing two 25-minute matches

The following teams remained undefeated after playing two games: Hilton College, Kearsney, Michaelhouse, Kingswood, St Alban’s, Clifton and St Charles.

On a cool and wet day there were fine skills displayed despite the weather conditions and the teams must be commended.

Tomorrow’s top games appear to be :

Hilton vs  St Alban’s
Michaelhouse vs Kingswood
Kingswood vs Clifton
Michaelhouse vs St Alban’s
Hilton vs St Andrew’s (Grahamstown)

Day 1 Results
Ashton vs Woodridge, 20-5
Clifton vs Woodridge, 14-7
Hilton College vs St David's, 5-0
Hilton College vs St Dunstan's, 33-0
Kearsney vs St Andrew's (Grahamstown), 7-3
Kearsney vs St David's, 19-0
Kingswood vs Ashton, 27-0
Kingswood vs Woodhill, 53-5
Michaelhouse vs Penryn, 20-0
Michaelhouse vs St Andrew's (Bloem), 31-0
St Alban's vs St Andrew's (Bloem), 17-7
St Alban's vs Thomas More, 19-0
St Andrew's (Grahamstown) vs Thomas More, 15-0
St Charles vs Penryn, 3-0
St Charles vs Uplands, 27-0
St Dunstan's vs Woodhill, 7-6
Day 2 Fixtures, Thursday 4 April 2013

08.00: St Dunstan’s vs Ashton
08.30: St David’s vs Woodhill
09.00: Kingswood vs Clifton
09.30: Penryn vs Woodridge
10.00: Uplands vs Thomas More
10.30: Michaelhouse vs St Alban’s
11.00: St Andrew’s (Bloemfontein) vs Kearsney
11.30: Hilton vs St Andrew’s (Grahamstown)
12.00: St Charles vs Ashton
12.30: Clifton vs St Dunstan’s
13.00: St David’s vs Thomas More
13.30: Uplands vs Woodridge
14.00: Kearsney vs Penryn
14.30: Michaelhouse vs Kingswood
15.00: Woodhill vs St Charles
15.30: St Andrew’s (Grahamstown) vs St Andrew’s (Bloemfontein)
16.00: Hilton vs St Alban’s

PV: 5
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