Fri 20 Oct 2017 | 06:06

LISTEN: Lions have a 'Plan B'

Lions coach Swys de Bruin speaks to Jan de Koning about Currie Cup semifinal
Fri 20 Oct 2017 | 06:06

LISTEN: Lions have a 'Plan B'


Lions coach Swys de Bruin, speaking to Jan de Koning ahead of his team's semifinal showdown with Western Province, said they have always worked towards a proverbial 'Plan B'.

The Lions coach said they always 'tweak' their tactics, depending on opposition.

However, the ability to make decisive adjustments from game to game and within a specific game is they key to victory.

"We have always said we wanted to have the ability to vary our play,"De Bruin told rugby365.

"We want the ability to tighten the game up if we need to."

He said the fact that they played three games in heavy rain gave them valuable practice in this regard.

"That is one advantage of the Currie Cup," De Bruin said, adding: "We learnt to play a different game from our usual expansive approach."

The Lions are taking a more experienced team to Newlands from the one that at the receiving end of a 3-39 hammering at Newlands early in the season.

"However, Newlands is always a tough place to win, regardless of the team we have,"the coach said.

He said they know exactly what to expect from their hosts on Saturday.

"They had a very good game [in the win over] the Sharks [last week].

"We know their team very well."

By Jan de Koning

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