Sun 18 Mar 2018 | 09:18

Premiership and Super Rugby are similar

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Sun 18 Mar 2018 | 09:18

Premiership and Super Rugby are similar


Listen to him speak about the differences from the 13th minute!

The 28-year-old joined Montpellier in 2015 – where he made 41 appearances for the club – from the Stormers before moving to England to join London-based club Harlequins.

"You would probably think I'd say that it's all pretty similar because it's professional rugby, it's just in a different place and different league but the truth is that it is all very very different. 

"I find the French mentally is a bit different, which makes their rugby different, which makes the training different, which makes everything different. So, it's a really strong league with brilliant players but at the same time, playing off the cuff, its hard to win away from home and referees aren't always that good. 

"That side of it was a big change from Super Rugby because in Super Rugby when you run on the field you know you going to have a great referee, the field is good, it's not going to be slowed down by the conditions.

"The English Premiership is probably similar to Super Rugby. Speed wise, I don't know if it's the same but it's a lot more structured, there are quality players and I think the European leagues are improving every year because more players seem to be coming from the southern hemisphere," Catrakilis said.

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