Sun 17 Sep 2017 | 08:18

Allister has a plan after 'perfect storm'

Allister Coetzee speak to the media at airport by rugby365
Sun 17 Sep 2017 | 08:18

Allister has a plan after 'perfect storm'


Coetzee – speaking to the media upon the team's arrival back home on Sunday – said South Africa walked into a 'perfect storm' when they suffered a record 0-57 loss to New Zealand in Albany at the weekend.

"We hit the All Blacks when they were really at their best,"The Bok coach said, adding: "Everything they did into points"

"They were just too classy."

Coetzee said that form every failure or disappointment you do learn and suggested it was not through a lack of effort or intent, but a lack of execution.

"It is things we can fix,"Coetzee said, admitting that the weekend's whitewash was really not good enough.

He dismissed the notion that the loss had set the Boks back and he still sees 'massive progression' in the team in 2017.

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"One loss does not define this team.

"Even the All Blacks lost to the British and Irish Lions earlier this year and they didn't become a bad team."

He reacted to the massive backlash on social media, calling for his resignation – saying there is still a lot of belief in his team.

"There is still a lot of belief in myself and the plan that we will go forward with," he said.

"There is a process that we are following and I couldn't care [less] what twitter is saying.

"I am working for SA Rugby [the South African Rugby Union] and not for twitter.

"We are really moving in the right direction."

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Having now faced the best team in the world, Coetzee said the Boks – especially the newcomers to the team this season – now had a greater idea of the challenges ahead, and what the Boks need to work on to measure up.

"The pressure the All Blacks exerted through their rush defence was a new experience for some of the players. For physicality and intensity, we are also far behind.

"But this is not the time to make knee-jerk decisions, and I'm not going to blame any individuals for what happened.

"When you go through a transition, and have a new team like we do this year, one must not only focus on the storms, but look at the rainbow as well.

"There are a number of players who played for the first time against New Zealand in New Zealand, and showed good form, and I'm proud of that."

Coetzee was supported by defence coach Brendan Venter, who pleaded for patience.

"This Bok team had one very bad night at the office,"Venter said, adding: "[It] does not make us a bad team overnight.

"So many positives up to now. Please keep the faith."


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