Sat 26 Aug 2017 | 12:12

Cheika not happy with Owens

Cheika not happy with Owens
Sat 26 Aug 2017 | 12:12

Cheika not happy with Owens


Cheika felt for his side who suffered a hard-fought 29-35 loss to the All Blacks. However, despite their amazing performance from last week's defeat, the head coach was more critical of Nigel Owens performances.

Retallick tackled the Australia flank Ned Hanigan in the 23rd minute. Referee Owens went upstairs to review the incident, but found that it was not dangerous and there was no 'clear and obvious foul play'.

The referee also told Wallabies captain Micheal Hooper – who questions the decision during the macth – that the lock is simply "getting up".

However, according to New Zealand Herald, the mentor felt that Retallack's tip tackle was overlooked by Owens.

"I've got to tread lightly here my friend," Cheika told reporters after the Rugby Championship match.

"Number one, what I can say because it's clear to everyone is that Retallick picked up one of our blokes up and put him on his head. He's put his arm through his legs, picked him up, and it's a free pass.

"It's clear. The guy can't end up on his head any other way. It's a free pass; it's just as well he didn't break his neck,"

Australia had a narrow 29-28 lead with two minutes left on the clock. The side could have sealed a historic victory however they failed to hold possession.

Instead, Beauden Barratt stole the game with a converted try to seal the All Black's 15th consecutive year Bledisloe Cup.

"The gallant loser thing is not on,"

"We should have won that game. We know it," he said.

"There were things during the game that could have changed the course of it and then the last bit, those three minutes, we should have got hold of that ball and kept it at all costs.

"After 77 minutes we were in front and we should have sealed that game off," he said.

Despite the the loss, captain Hooper said he hoped the game was a boost for fans back in Australia, and added that he was a fan of the game of rugby in total because it was such a great game.

"Just to be one the field tonight, to have a full stadium and I'm sure people at home watching that game on the edge of their seats right to the final minute, it is a brilliant game like no other in the world.

"And when it does go down to the wire like that, even last week our last 30 minutes of the game was something to enjoy.

"I'm a fan and I think it has got a great future," he said.

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