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Sun 28 Jan 2018 | 08:05

Aussies 'believe' they can kick on

Highlights: Sydney - Day 3
Sun 28 Jan 2018 | 08:05

Aussies 'believe' they can kick on


The Aussies broke their World Series tournament drought after a 29-0 whitewash of reigning Series champions South Africa.

Australia hadn't won a World Series tournament since Tokyo in 2012, but waltzed their way to the 2018 Sydney crown – following Day Three victories over New Zealand, Argentina and South Africa.

"We've got quite an aggressive defensive system and throughout the course of the weekend – on occasions – we haven't believed in it," Australian coach Andy Friend said.

"We showed a couple of clips this [Sunday] morning and just said: 'Listen, do we really believe in this?' and the boys were like, 'Yeah, actually we do'.

"I said, 'well if we believe let's do it.'

"We committed to doing it and honestly from that minute on, it was just a different team.

"We train it but it's one thing doing it at training, and one thing doing it out here and they believed in that and to me that was the difference."

"For them to now turn up and to do that on a World Series and in the process to knock off New Zealand and South Africa in the same tournament must give them belief, and I know it has given them belief," Friend said.

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Aussies 'believe' They Can Kick On | Rugby365