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Tue 4 Apr 2017 | 10:04

Jaguares staying grounded ahead of Sharks clash

Jaguares staying grounded ahead of Sharks clash
Tue 4 Apr 2017 | 10:04

Jaguares staying grounded ahead of Sharks clash


The Argentinians have won four of their five games so far in this year's Super Rugby campaign and are currently second in Africa Conference One due to points difference ahead of the Sharks, who are in third.

Their match against the Sharks is the first of three big matches in South Africa. Next week they travel to Pretoria to face the Bulls before finishing their tour with a match against the Lions in Johannesburg.

"We are trying to make a huge effort to not think about results and just focus on our performances," said Jaguares head coach Raúl Pérez.

"It is becoming difficult to avoid making projections because it increases the anxiety.

"We have to keep thinking about improving and we have a great test with these three very important matches."

The Jaguares and Sharks meet twice in April. After their clash on Saturday, the two teams meet again in Buenos Aires on April 29.

It means the Jaguares will be playing South African opposition for four weekends in a row in the month of April.

"We are going to face three big teams from South Africa and we will see how much we have improved [this year]," Pérez added.


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