Mon 26 Mar 2018 | 08:13

Reds have a new chairman

Reds have a new chairman
Mon 26 Mar 2018 | 08:13

Reds have a new chairman


Frawley announced to members at the QRU’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) earlier this month that after two years at the helm he would step down – citing work commitments.

Miller, who played 70 games for Queensland and won 26 caps for the Wallabies across a career that stretched from 1982 to 1991 has previously served as Vice-President of Rugby Australia and as the QRU’s President, CEO and Reds Head Coach.

Miller said: "I want to thank and congratulate Damien for his outstanding service to Rugby in Queensland during his two years as QRU Chairman. His foresight and leadership has guided the QRU from a very difficult position in 2016 to this point, where only a few weeks ago we announced a modest profit in a very tough Queensland sporting market.

"The work of the QRU is very important to the health of Rugby in Australia. We will ensure this work continues with all our participants, clubs, schools, partners, volunteers and fans, as we look to the future,"

James Beirne was also re-elected to the Board and elected QRU Vice-Chairman, having served as the Chairman of the QRU’s Audit and Risk Committee for the past two years.

The appointment of Miller as Chairman follows the election of David Codey as QRU President at the QRU’s AGM on March 10.

Also at the March AGM, Vice-presidents Bill Ross and Andrew Slack were re-elected to the roles, while incumbent Board Members Mark Connors and Mark Stanton were re-elected.

In addition, Boyd Curran replaced Ross Thompson as a QRU Board member in the Casual Vacancy position on February 22.

All Board members elected or appointed were endorsed by the QRU Nominations Committee.

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