Mon 24 Apr 2017 | 02:16

Sharks not top priority for Jaguares

Jaguares coach Raúl Pérez about the loss to the Lions by rugby365
Mon 24 Apr 2017 | 02:16

Sharks not top priority for Jaguares


Jaguares coach Raúl Pérez said victory over the Sharks in Buenos Aires on Saturday is not where their focus is this week.

Returning from a winless three-week tour of South Africa – where they lost to the Sharks (13-18), Bulls (13-26) and Lions (21-24) – the Argentinean franchise is focussed on improving their own game.

The Lions top the Africa Two conference (with 32 points from eight games), followed by the Sharks (24 from eight) and the Jaguares (20 from eight).

Victory over the Sharks this week will put the Argentinean outfit right back in the play-off hunt.

"We realise our next match, against the Sharks, is very important in terms of our conference and play-off qualification," Perez said.

"However, our first objective is also to improve our game and the team.

"We had a good game [in the loss] against the Lions and our main objective next week is to improve and develop our game."

Pérez also revealed what he feels is the key to the Lions' success – the proverbial 'slow poison'.

"That is how the Lions have played all season," Perez said, when asked about the Lions' late charge to victory at Ellis Park last Friday – where the Johannesburg-based franchise scored 10 points in a seven-minutes burst late in the match to clinch victory.

"They tire the teams out in the first half and in the second half they stretch the teams all over the field.

"We were ready for that [their second-half comeback], but we still lost the game in the last three minutes.

"However, there is no doubt we were prepared for the to increase the intensity [in the second half]."


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Sharks not top priority for Jaguares | Rugby365